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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Before I'm 25...

Hello, I have seen so many of these type of posts, usually called "30 before 30" or "20 before 20." I'm nowhere near 30 years old and I made a lot more than 20 goals. So I'm just calling this "before I'm 25," oh I'm so original! These are goals I want to achieve before reaching 25. I feel if I write them on here they are easier to keep track of and you guys can see how I am doing :) There will be a tab under my header where you can see how I am doing, completed goals will be highlighed in red and in progress goals will be in blue! Please feel free to do your own posts and if you do please link them in the comments section so I can read them/be very nosey! ;)

Completed - Red
In progress - Blue

001. Get a degree
002. Find my own place.
003. Attend a blogger/youtube meet up.
004. Go to IMATS.
005. Start a youtube beauty channel
006. Start a youtube vlog channel.
007. Pass my theory test
008. Pass my driving test.
009. Raise money for charity.
010. Learn to be confident.
011. Go to back to New York.
012. Go to Canada/live there! (I wish!)
013. Fly first class!
014. Stud my clothing.
015. Win something.
016. Be able to do the splits again.
017. Get a french manicure.
018. Go to a festival.
019. Get another piercing.
020. Learn a new language.
021. Bake with someone in the middle of the night.
022. Kiss in the rain.
023. Grow my hair past my boobies.
024. Start ballet .
025. Get to my goal weight.
026. Find a close knit group of girl friends.
027. Whiten my teeth.
028. Hold a blog giveaway.
029. Reach 1000 followers on Twitter.
030. Reach 100 followers on my blog.
031. Get better at telling people how I feel.
032. Have a Tom Hanks movie marathon.
033. Visit Ireland.
034. Take silly photos in a photobooth with somebody.
035. Identify 5 things I like about myself.
036. Complete coursework/homework at least a week before it is due in.
037. Have a weekend away without any communication. eg mobile/internet
038. Help somebody I do not know/make someones day.
039. Buy a designer handbag.
040. Take pole dancing classes. (Not in a seedy way, apparently they are amazing for arm muscles!)
041. Go on a road trip.
042. Find someone I feel completely comfortable with.
043. Find a job I love.
044. Go to the cinema on my own. (According to my psychology teacher this is essential to do before you die! No idea why!)
045. Go vegetarian and vegan for one month.
046. Try my hardest to achieve all of the above.



  1. Wow, lot of stuff ahead of you, girl:). Wish you luck with checking out every single thing you wrote. xo

    1. Hahaha if I manage to do them all! :) thank you!! :) xx

  2. This is a great post. I love the mixture of big, long term goals, and short, simple ones. That way, you can stay motivated and reward yourself more often! This has inspired me to create my own version of this post! Great job!

    1. Thank you so much! :) Yay! I would love to read your goals! :) xx

  3. Ah this is so lovely, you're going to have a lot of lovely memories when you're done :)
    I must get round to doing one of my own haha!

    Lucy x



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