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Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Few Days In Bath (picture heavy post!)

Hello, so I mentioned in my "What's in my everyday makeup bag?" post that I was going to Bath for a few days. If you don't know where Bath is, it's in the West of England! We were originally going for Saturday to look around the University but thought we might as well go there on Friday and stay the night until Saturday! We spent the day on Friday shopping, I was told the shops were really nice in Bath and I wasn't disappointed! At one point there was a River Island, Topshop and Urban Outfitters within a ten metre radius! Heaven! I have a haul coming up sometime this week so I will show you what I bought! We went to Mac and I bought one item (we were meant to go back to get more but we didn't! I then sulked pretty much the whole way home! Hahaha!) we went into tons of shops, including baby Gap where I saw the cutest hat for my niece, it was an elephant with ears and everything!!
We were staying in a bed and breakfast just outsite the main town, it was called Lorne House and it was in a small village called Box. It was so lovely, the room was beautiful! The bathroom even had a wetroom, which meant there was plenty of space for my dancing in the shower. (lovely image for you there!)
I thought I would show you a few photos I took while we were there! I was meant to take outfit of the day pictures but it was unbelievably windy and rainy so I looked like a drowned rat!

The window display at All Saints! Tons of Singer sewing machines!

I had to take this photo of the street with my name! I'm such a tourist!

Who's the idiot who cannot spell "blogspot?" *raises hand*

My bed! Super comfy!

The wet room, best invention ever!

I forgot I hadn't done an OOTD, so tried to take a quick photo! Excuse the boob shot even though there isn't much to show! ;)

Mums pudding!

Where we had dinner!

On campus at Bath Spa University!

There were cows, yes cows IN the university!

Just casually having a CASTLE on campus.


I hope you all had a lovely weekend!



  1. Bath looks absolutely adorable! So jealous you've have such amazing places in England! My boyfriend is English and I can't wait till we travel there together! The campus looks to die for, puts my downtown urban campus to shame! haha Looks like you had a lovely time! xo

    1. It was such a lovely place! You will have an amazing time if you visit here! I was really shocked at how lovely the campus was, it was full of beautiful buildings and COWS! I had a really lovely time thank you! :) xx

  2. I live really close to Bath so I guess I take it for granted how nice of a place it really is! Those pictures are so lovely and they really show how Georgian and beautiful Bath is. Glad you had fun :) x

    1. It was such a beautiful place! You are so lucky to live there! :) xx



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