Monday, 4 June 2012

My week in Instagram photos #2

Hello, here's what i've been up to this week. Please tell me what you think of these posts and if you like them?

The weather in England was beautiful last week, I made myself a bed outside and did some reading.

Harvey sat under Mum's sunbed, I think he got a bit hot and the sunbed was in the shade!

Two items I bought last week, Estee Lauder Melon lipstick and Dove gradual tanner.

Getting bored of revision, trying on my old prom dress and walking around the house!

I bought this organizer from WH Smith, it now houses all my palettes!

Watching Dexter with a cup of tea!

Making "It's a girl" bunting for my sisters baby shower at the end of the month"

Trying on my Mums OLD glasses! We always make fun of her for these! My eyes look very strange with these on, I think it's the lenses!

Please tell me if these are posts you like reading or if you don't like them! :)



  1. Lovely photos, such a cute bunny too! :)
    That bunting is so pretty, I want to make some, just need to get some pretty fabric. xx

    1. Thank you! Yes he is a cutie! :) It was so easy to make! :) xx

  2. I like your blog! And you are so pretty! :)

  3. such a cute blog and cute pictures :D

  4. I really really like your Blog.
    You look so great.
    Come and visit my Blog :)

  5. I love instagram posts. gosh I was so hooked on's a really good show right? and how cute is the bunting you are making!! Following :)

    xo erica

    1. Thank you!! Oh I know I am obsessed! Thank you so much for following! :) xx



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