Monday, 11 June 2012

My week in Instagram photos #3

Hello, here's what I've been up to this week!

Packing my bag for Bath

Painted my nails with Essie Eternal Optimist with Models Own nail wraps on the thumb!

Packing all done!

My new top from Urban Outfitters (from the mens section but I couldn't not buy it!!)

New camera lens mug! Also from Urban Outfitters.

Baby shower invites complete!

Bought a sketchbook, now to start my university portfolio!

Bought this cute vintage watermelon dress!



  1. I love the striped bag, it´s cute:) I like the color combination!

  2. I just bought a sketch book last week to work on my university portfolio as well! haha What a coincidence! What are you planning on studying?! xo

    1. Haha how weird! I am applying for two different courses as I am so indecisive! One is makeup for media and performance, so prosthetics makeup and makeup for films. You need to show evidence of drawings, photography and work you've done so I'm putting it all in here! The other course is a production course for television and film :) What are you planning on studying? xx

    2. That's so awesome! Good for you! I just did a couple years of psychology, but figured it wasn't exactly for me! So I'm following what I'm passionate about which is interior design! I've got to have drawing, photography and autoCAD! I'm excited just working on the portfolio haha! xo

    3. I actually looked at doing psychology but I think I'm better suited to doing something creative! Interior design sounds so cool! I have to have drawing and photography as well! Plus a lot of other things! Good luck! :) xx

  3. ha! oh my gosh, i LOVE your "pugs not drugs" tshirt! i actually laughed out loud when i saw it.
    really love your blog, by the way! i'm your latest follower :)


    1. Haha it's so cute, I think I am in love with it! Thank you so much! Just followed your blog, it's so cute, I love it! :) xx



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