Thursday, 5 July 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award


Thank the person that nominated you and link to their blog.
Thank you to Amie at Belle Amie Beauty who nominated me for this award! i really love her blog so definitely check it out!

Tell us how the idea of making a blog popped up and what makes you continue it?
I had been reading blogs for about two years when I decided I really wanted to make my own! Getting comments from people who read it makes me carry on and the fact I love blogging!

Describe a usual day in your life.
When I'm at college my day is pretty boring! Otherwise I am at work or watching as many Dexter episodes as I can squeeze into one day!

The best collaboration with a blogger.
I haven't had a collaboration yet.

The worst collaboration with a blogger.
Same answer as above.

Describe what having a blog means to you.
It's my place where I can express how I feel and talk about what I want, it's also a place where I can interact with other people and other bloggers!

Nominate other bloggers.
Alex - The Wallflower
Alice - Secrets Of A Wannabe Charlotte
Miss B - Fabugloss
Ana - Anairdna

And if you haven't done so, check out their blogs!



  1. Hi Georgina! We found you through Amie nominating us both for this award along with you:) So glad b/c you have such a cute blog!! New followers!
    Steph and Laura-

    1. Thank you so much!! Just followed your blog it's super cute! :) xx

  2. Thanks for this! I love the layout of your blog, its so pretty! You've gained a follower in me and I'll do this post shortly :)



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