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Saturday, 1 September 2012

My thoughts: Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale!

Hello! So, ever since I watched the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars I have wanted to do a post on it. I know a lot of you probably don't watch it (if you don't, I would 100% recommend it!) and so this post is irrelevant but I have always felt like my blog is a place for me to write my feelings down and I have a lot of feelings about this episode. I have had barely anyone to talk about this to as the only people I know who watch it are a girl I know from college (I don't go back until next week so can't discuss it with her until then) and my cousins (who are still on season one I think!) so I need to discuss!
Pretty little liars (along with Dexter and Suits) is my favourite show, it is so cleverly written and it just seems that each frame has had so much thought put into it. The amount of clues you get from one line is just genius.
So onto my thoughts on the episode..I'm pretty sure I had a heart attack. I know it's so stupid to get so wrapped up in a show but I was genuinely shaking at the end!
You can go onto my Twitter to see the tweets I wrote before hand and my guesses on who the betrayer was and who was going to die and get injured. I knew Nate was the psychopath stalker from True North, I think a lot of people had guessed this so it wasn't like I came up with this theory, that was the only thing I have ever got right! I had said I wasn't sure who A was, I will get onto this soon. I was sure Ezra was guilty of something and Paige was guilty of something (there is still time!) I also thought Caleb had something to hide, he hasn't really been made to look guilty at all so I thought it would be shocking for him to be on the A-Team.
I think a lot of people were getting annoyed towards the end of the episode when the only thing that had happened was the whole Nate thing. I knew that wasn't all as Marlene (the writer of the episode) had said that the betrayer was definitely on the A-Team and on the ABC family website there was a tracker where you could vote on who you thought the betrayer was, Nate wasn't on there.
I will admit, although I didn't guess who I thought the betrayer was, deep down I had an inkling. At the end when Mona was talking to the hooded person and it was obvious they were about to turn around I was thinking, "Ezra's going to turn around..It's Ezra..I know..It's Ez--TOBY?!?!!?!" That was genuinely my reaction, I think it took about ten minutes to pull my chin up from the floor I was that shocked! I was holding Phoebe at the time and thought I was going to drop her, (FYI don't hold a baby and watch Pretty Little Liars!) I have read so many theories about who the betrayer was and NOT ONCE did I hear anyone say it was Toby. Not once. I think everyone was pretty shocked. I'm still undecided on whether Toby is good or bad. Lots of people have said that he is only on the team to protect the girls and he did look quite guilty and upset when he hugged Spencer after they had sex. (longest sex scene ever, I swear) Or he could just be mad and hate them as they did "blind" (as everyone thinks!) his step sister and thought he was guilty for Alison's murder!
On to the whole Caleb fiasco. I have to say I think Caleb is my favourite of the Pretty Little Liars boys, Ezra was my favourite but this season he has gone down in my estimations. The whole money, (where did that come from?!?!) baby, mother situation has made me doubt him quite a lot. But Caleb is just adorable and I love Tyler Blackburn so much! (I'll shut up now about how much I love him! ;)
I have read a lot of people say that they think Emily shot Caleb, I highly doubt this as although she was close to the gun, she looked genuinely upset and her hands were shaking so much! As for Nate, he looked pretty dead to me? And Toby seemed to be with Mona most of the time? Who shot Caleb? Dun Dun Duuun *dramatic music*
I'm going to make a prediction. I think each "liar" has their own Team A member that follows them. Mona is Hanna's. Toby is Spencer's. Ezra is Aria's. Paige is Emily's. I have noticed that Aria hasn't been targeted by A recently, maybe because Ezra genuinely likes her now. I'm not sure and I'm wrong 99% of the time so your best bet is to not listen to me!
I have also heard a lot of people make the prediction of:
A lison
T oby
E zra
A ria
M ona
I apologise for this post but I have a problem where I have to share things with someone or I go crazy! My laptop is also in for repair (do not buy a Sony Vaoi!!!) so haven't been able to blog with pictures! Luckily my August Favourites was already written so I could upload that and have just written this post quickly on my Dad's Macbook (I really want one. Anyone have any spare money? ;)



  1. i still think ezra is guilty of something, it's all slightly dodgy with the unresolved thing of money and the child and i just find him in general slightly weird. haha, i said that to my friend about the sex scene, i was like jesus how long did that go on for?! got slightly awkward..! i couldnt believe it when toby turned round in that black hood, i dont know whether he is protecting them or not, he had a weird look on his face when he hugged spencer so im not sure, i hope he is only protecting them!

    sorry for the longest comment ever but i absolutely love pretty little liars!! haha x

    1. Ohh yes, something is still dodgy with Ezra! Definitely! I literally had a heart attack when Toby turned around, I was so shocked! I just was not expecting it, he was not even an option for me! xx

  2. I'm so glad you did a post on this, I'm obsessed with PLL!
    The final episode was SO GOOD and I really didn't expect Toby would be the one revealed. I'm really not sure what to think about it, but I have a feeling that he's only protecting them. Although I've heard that the producers have said that Toby has no positive intentions... :/

    Another thing, a friend of mine recently sent me this theory (, which pretty much proves that Aria has something to do with the A team as well. It's quite convincing. Especially the next season's promo photo, where Aria's ankles have handcuffs on! And it always seemed a bit odd to me that Aria is the only one saying 'shhh' in the intro...

    Besides Aria, I'm pretty convinced that Paige is one of the bad ones as well. I think that she cooperated with Nate as she didn't really look that freaked out at the end. I don't know...

    What I'm most interested about, though, is who the hell shot Caleb. There's something fishy about that situation.

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. I have heard so many Aria related theories but that is by far the best! I am starting to think she has something to do with it as she never gets hurt and the only time something bad happens to her seems to be self inflicted! xx

  3. Haha love this post! Ezra is so shady - IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN HIM! I could not believe it was Toby when he turned round, I was basically hysterical watching it. Did you read that interview with Marlene saying that Toby doesn't have good intentions? Him protecting the girls makes so much more sense though than him betraying Spencer! Nothing ever happening to Aria makes her so suspicious and she's so rubbish at helping the other girls out with A stuff. Man, I love Pretty Little Liars! The Halloween episode is out on my birthday - such a perfect bday present! xxx

    1. HE IS SHADY! I thought it would be him, I was totally prepared for that! Noo everyone has said that Marlene said that but I haven't found the interview yet! I really am quite suspicious of Aria now that everyone has said she has something to do with it, as she NEVER gets hurt by A I swear, the results are always positive! Her Mom finds out about her Dad's affair so she doesn't have to keep the secret. Her and Ezra become a real couple! Nothing bad happens! I think I love it just a tad too much! Ooopps! Oooh what a great bday pressie! xxx

  4. OMGosh I totally didn't see this, I think you may be right with each person having an A member with them.... creepy. It's going to be people close to them but I feel each person has genuinely fallen for their enemy... I was so shocked with Toby, wow. I can't wait for the Halloween episode! x

    1. I think the writers know how to make it shocking, and by each A member being close to them it's like "whataahaa???" for the audience! I am SO excited for the halloween episode!! :) xx



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