Monday, 8 October 2012

Collective Haul!

Hello! So I asked in my last post if you guys wanted to see the things I have bought recently and you said yes! So here are some new additions to my life! ;)

Oh yes, it happened..
I was going to buy the Iphone 5 as it was only £80 difference, but to be honest there was hardly any difference between the two and I have just bought a phone/purse (snakeskin pattern thing below!) that didn't fit the Iphone 5. I did secretly want to get the 5 as I could show off ;)

Love my wallpaper of Phoebe, some of my favourite photographs of her!

Dad told me to get a cheap case as soon as I bought it and I could buy a nicer one later. I actually quite like this case, it's cute!

Topshop £14 (I get 25% off because of where I work so didn't pay full price!)

I had seen one of these ages ago but didn't have an Iphone so didn't get it! I knew I was going to get an Iphone soon so I bought this and about half an hour later I had bought my phone!

It can store your phone, cards and some notes :)

Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner £6
MAC Omega Eyeshadow £10
MAC Cranberry Eyeshadow £10

I love all of these, the eyeliner is a lot easier to do winged eyeliner with compared to gel eyeliner and a brush! I really like using Omega for my brows as it is not brown so doesn't look as fake, it's quite difficult to fill my brows in sometimes as my hair is so blonde! Cranberry is possibly my favourite eyeshadow! It is gorgeous!!!

Topshop Stud Boots £70 
River Island Lita Dupes £75

I love the Topshop stud boots, I tend to prefer even a small heel as it makes my posture a little bit better! Also, I am 5 foot 5 inches so a little bit of height is quite nice!! I call the River Island boots my "Lita Dupes" they feel like a more wearable Jeffrey Campbell Lita, the heel is not as big and there is not a HUGE platform at the front like the JC Litas! They are really comfy, I wore them to college last week although I got some funny looks from girls as people tend to judge you for not wearing flat shoes!!

Fat Face Fur Parka £98 (Got 10% student discount!)
I mentioned this in my Wednesday Wishlist post and I just had to get it! I had seen lots of other parkas but I always preferred this one! The smallest they do is a size 8, I'm usually a size 6 but sometimes size 6 can be too big so I was worried this would be huge on me! Luckily it is not too big! Yay!

Look Beauty Pressed Powder £8
Look Lipstick Toffee Cup £7

Worst photo ever! Sorry, not sure why the lighting is crap!! This is a translucent powder, I normally dislike translucent powders as I prefer some more coverage, however this gives a lovely finish to the skin!! I haven't worn this lipstick too much, it is not very moisturizing and is quite a light shade! I want to try one called Tangerine Cream which I think will work better with my skintone!

Topshop Beanie £12 
I think beanies look super cute! They also are great for keeping warm in the winter as a lot of your body heat  is lost from your head! I love this colour as it is one of the only colours that suits me!

Mua Undressed Palette £4
I gave this palette away in my giveaway and had to get one for myself as well! I really like it! If you would like to see a review I will do one!

For some reason it doesn't seem like I bought as many things as I thought I had! Maybe it's because I bought only a few things, but a lot of them were more expensive things! 

I am planning on blogging every day this week, I have a "blogging bug" as I call it, where I just want to blog everyday! This is possibly the worst week to do it as I have to get my personal statement and UCAS form done as well as having an essay to plan for! I am so exhausted which is probably why all I want to do is sit in bed and blog! I have a really long day at work on Saturday and am working Friday as well! Two of the girls left so I was having to do a lot of work, then my boss got a promotion so she is not there much anymore! We hired new people which means I have to teach them how we do everything! I have been working so much when I'm meant to just be a 4 hour girl! In half term, I am working 21 hours! She said it might change, I hope it will as I am NOT doing that! It means I will be in every day bar one day! 

See you guys tomorrow! (Hopefully!)



  1. omg, i need that cranberry eyeshadow?! so gorgeous! and i know, i'm joining in your personal statement/ucas form stress, ugghhh :( x

    1. Get it, it's my favourite I LOVE IT!!! Ohhh dear, UCAS is horrible! :( xx

  2. The are almost the same when it comes to it, i have the 5

  3. great haul!the boots are gorge x

  4. I love the Topshop IPhone case, amazing idea! I just picked up Cranberry eye shadow too, such a beautiful colour! x

  5. These are such great items! I esp. love the parka and the cool wallet iphone case <3


  6. Oh this is such a great haul! I want everything in it- the iphone, purse, lita dupes, MAC cranberry! That shade is gorgeous :)
    Daniella x

  7. The MUA palette is amazing. I have one too. I love the purse, what a genius idea to have space for your phone!! :) x

  8. Seeing all of this has made me want to go shopping sooo bad! That phone case/purse is such a great idea!

  9. I like the phone case/purse - that looks like it keeps everything so neat!

  10. Oooh I LOVE that purply MAC eyeshadow! It's gorgeous. I haven't even thought about doing the berry trend on my eyes.

    Danielle xx

  11. How gorgeous is your purple case/purse!! I need an iphone badly, my blackberry is dying slowly.




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