Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Things: I hate!

The title of this post sounds so negative! I was watching a Pixiwoo video where they were talking about things they dislike! Everything in life seems to annoy me so I thought "why not blog about it!" ha! It will also give you guys a chance to get to know me a little bit better as I still feel like you guys don't know me that well! I am also in a rambly mood and just feel like writing all my feelings down on one page!

1. Rude People
I don't know if it's just because I'm really sensitive but I get so upset if anyone is rude! Working in retail can be a pain as people think you are beneath them and just because they are the customer they think you are their slave! UM NO! I am one of those people who is just way too polite! My Mum drummed it into me that you must say thank you! "Remember your p's and q's!!" she used to always say! I say thank you for everything, if I serve a customer at work, I say thank you ten times. Something that my Dad find hilarious is when I'm driving and it is my priority (I don't know if other countries have this, on a narrow road the vehicle on one side has priority so can come through before the other one!) I still say thank you to the other person that has stopped even though they have to stop! Haha!

2. Men who wolf whistle/shout at you
If you know a male who does this please let them get in contact with me and explain why some men do this. Do they really think that wolf whistling is going to make me fall at your feet and shout that I want your babies? Today a group of lads in a car proceeded to shout "I'd ruin you!" at me while I was walking. Nice. I think this was just to get a reaction, I get really weirded out by this so just carried on walking while they continued to shout! Yuck!

3. People who eat loudly
I don't think words can even explain this. This is my biggest pet peeve, I hate it! My Dad is the NOISIEST eater ever! No joke! My Mum also love eating crisps and while I'm reading a magazine or the newspaper she will lean over my shoulder so I can hear it! Nooo! I just hate it!

4. Spoilt people who don't appreciate what they have!
This gets on my wick so much! I know a certain someone (LOL) who gets everything she wants just because she throws a strop! I have had a job since I was 13 and get so annoyed when people don't even try to get a job! Mine is only part time but at least it's something! I just can't stand people who don't appreciate what they are given, if my Mum buys me a present I am so thankful as I buy everything myself and would never expect her to buy me things!

5. People who moan about things they can change
This included people who moan about their weight yet do nothing to change it, being a psychology student, I understand that there are certain disorders which mean people can't stop over-eating but the majority of people can change! I just have the mentality of "If you want it, get it" if there is something I want I will work hard to get it!

6. Sharks
I blame my sister 100% for my fear of sharks! I cannot even look at photos of sharks without having a panic attack! My sister made me watch Jaws when I was 11 and I was in Florida at the time! I refused to go in the sea and have only been in once since! My aunt literally had to drag me in! 

I have just realised that this is probably the worlds most negative post! If you want, I'll do a "things I love" post just so I don't come across like the worlds most grumpy person!! As I have been feeling crappy it's just nice to do these kinds of posts! There will hopefully be a slightly more beauty related post at the end of the week! 



  1. haha, I can agree with all of these. I haven't been in the sea since I was 12 I find it so creepy to think there's probably sewage and all sorts in there, plus all the sea life in there! Terrifying! x

  2. I completely agree with these! I work in retail to and most of the time its fine but some people are so rude and don't seem to realise I am just a person too! xx

  3. Rudeness is the worst. There is no need for it at all, manners cost absolutely nothing.

    Hate peoples eating habits too, especially people eating chewing gum, it drives me crazy the way some people do it. Alex Ferguson being the prime example. Boke.


  4. I hate rude people too,I used to work in retail and there are some horrible people out there. I feel so bad for the assistant if I'm in a shop and see someone being rude to them,there is just no need!
    That was a bit of a mini rant haha so sorry xx

  5. I hate rude people too! I'm way too polite sometimes, which is a bit weird in my country as people here are not as polite as in the UK for example. :D
    And the loud noises people make when eating... arrgh. I can't listen to my father when he's eating soup. I always have to remind him to eat quietly. :D

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  6. Agree with all of these!
    I hate rude people, and I'm always too polite!



  7. I loved reading this post, one of the reasons being that it's nice to see a blogger just be honest and have a rant. I feel like many are so worried about appearing negative, but let's face it, we really do all get pissed off sometimes and I think we should feel free to vent that! We are only human after all.
    Plus, all of the things you listed here are huuuge hates of mine!! Manners are free and it doesn't take two seconds to say please, thank you and sorry where necessary. Like you, I had this drummed into me since the minute I was born, so I just can't abide people who think it's ok to be rude. The same goes for people who don't appreciate what they have. I worked hard all through uni to pay my only way, while my housemates all lived off the bank of mum and dad. I don't want a medal for it or anything (and my parents could have helped if I'd asked them), but it really annoyed me to see them frittering away every penny they had on totally inappropriate things and then demanding more. At eighteen you are an adult, so if your parents do help you then that's fine but you should at least show some gratitude and spend it wisely.
    Mel xx


  8. I'm only 14 and men (usually late teens) shout slag at me out of their car! If they think I'm a slag just because I had shorts and tights on! they should see the other 80% of the people in my year!!! So annoying, they are so stupid and rude, good job it doesn't bother me, I know I'm not a slag so that's all that matters;)
    Hahaha sorry for this rant! Agree with all of the post!




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