Sunday, 28 October 2012

Week In Instagram Photos #21

Hello!! Here's what I've been up to this week!


Phoebe just before she vomited on me! // She doesn't appreciate the hairstyle I gave her! // Uggh idiots on facebook // Moi! // Tea and twitter // I tidied my room! // I made it messy again! // Watching 500 days of summer and getting depressed about my love life.. // Chicken ramen before going to see Skyfall! // Phoebeeee! //

This week is a busy week! I am off to Kensington today, I am working quite a lot this week and am doing something on Thursday that may or may not turn out well. If it all goes to plan I will be sharing my news with you, if not you may have to wait a while ;) Ooo secrets! ;) I feel like I haven't stopped lately, I was at my friends house on Thursday night, went to college Friday, went to work and then went to the cinema straight after. Saturday I went to work, then went to my Aunts straight after and today I'm in London all day! Ughh! So tired!

I'm finally happy with how these posts are set out, for ages I was thinking of how to lay it out but now I am finally sorted and have finally worked out how to do it in columns! 
I also REALLY want to start doing more OOTD posts, I used to do these but I really struggle as I used to do it in the garden but the weather is way too unpredictable! So I am trying to find a decent place around my house! Would OOTD posts be something you guys would like? Let me know in the comments! :)



  1. Ooh I'm on my way to London now! Yay :) I'm excited to hear your news! :) definitely do more ootd! They're great xx

    1. Will hopefully start to do more outfit of the days!! :) xxx

  2. Haha I love how you said you cleaned your room then made it messy - I do that in about 5 seconds! Haha ;-)

  3. Lovely photos, I like reading posts like these! Given you a follow, would love it if you followed me back?


  4. how was skyfall? lovely pictures! :)



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