Saturday, 15 December 2012

Week In Instagram Photos #28

Phoebe! // Tired Baby! // Phoebe's future career, nail technician!! Haha! // Watching my favourite episode of Skins! // My aunt made Phoebe a stocking!! // Smiley! // Geek. // Ugh so many psychology notes! // Cheeky Christmas present to myself! // Phoebe and her Granny Deb reading! // Going to bed at twenty to nine because I was fed up! // New Jeffrey Campbells, I LOVE THEM! // My new hair :) // Night before my psychology exam. // Cutie pie. // 

For some reason I went crazy with the Instagram photos this week! I said on twitter that I was going to be blogging every day this week, I failed. It got to Thursday, I has an exam on Friday morning and just didn't have time. It's been so hard blogging lately with exams and working so hard as well as a few other personal things. I just haven't been feeling up to blogging, it takes a lot of effort despite what you may think. I take photos, edit them, upload and write a blog post. If I try and do a quick blog post I'm not always happy with how it turns out so prefer to spend more time on it. So just to let you know that I'm really sorry if I don't blog as much in the next few weeks ish. I have loads of posts with pictures done so I just need to write them so hopefully I can get those done :) 



  1. Great photos! Your new hair is lovely!

    Beth @

  2. you're niece is beautiful!



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