Tuesday, 22 January 2013

100 Random Facts!

I had seen the "50 random facts" on youtube and blogs which I had originally planned to do, however I got waaay too carried away and ended up turning it into the 100 random facts! Oops! So here are 100 (it sounds like so many!) random facts about myself!

1. I have lived in the same house my whole life.
2. I go on Tumblr every night before bed.
3. I have a fear of sharks, even photos of them can cause me to have panic attacks.
4. ..and the sea and deep water!
5. I'm a people pleaser.
6. I am very hard on myself and always negative about myself.
7. I don't like fast food or takeaways.
8. I have never smoked a cigarette.
9. I don't drink.
10. I have a niece who I love more than anyone.
11. I get very anxious in large groups of people.
12. I love photography.
13. I rarely watch tv.
14. I used to want to work in forensics. 
15. ..despite the fact I am quite squeamish.
16. I only have a few close friends.
17. I am the worlds fussiest eater. 
18. I only drink green tea or water.
19. I was going to be called Amelia.
20. I've always thought I belonged in the 1960's.
21. My main goal in life is to be happy.

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22. I was a goody goody at school.
23. I have two piercings, my lobe and my rook.
24. I used to play the flute, recorder and violin.
25. I've trained my family to text me if they see a MAC store so they ask if I need anything!

Image from Tumblr

26. I'm 5 foot 5 inches tall.
27. I find it very difficult to find clothes that fit me.
28. I would love to live in the US for a while.
29. At college I study Media, Psychology and Communications.
30. I am atheist.
31. I get on really well with my mum. 
32. I am incredibly close with my family including cousins, aunts and uncles.
33. I love baking.
34. Me and my mum are extremely close. 
35. I love reading magazines, my favourites are Company and Glamour.
36. I buy an unbelievable amount of foundations.
37. I have always wanted a pug.

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38. I am the worlds fastest walker.
39. I can't stand bitchy people.
40. I love driving my car on my own.
41. I generally like being on my own.
42. I like when things have a specific answer, therefore I liked maths at school. 
43. If people pressure me into doing things, I do the opposite. People eventually got bored of trying to make me drink alcohol!
44. I am terrible with my phone and always miss calls.
45. I've never been that obsessed with celebrities. 
46. ..although I do love Tom Hanks. 
47. For breakfast I only ever have porridge, an apple or nothing.

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48. I find it hard to trust people. 
49. I often talk to myself in the shower when I'm planning what to write in blog posts!
50. I hate angry people.
51. I own an obscene amount of dresses.
52. I rarely open doors with my hands, I usually use clothing to cover my hands.
53. I'm quite good with computers.
54. I taught myself photography, how to edit videos and how to design my blog.
55. One of my teachers at school said I was almost "mute" as I never spoke.
56. I got 5A's 4 B's and 2 C's for my GCSE's.
57. I am very lazy at revising. I usually leave it until a few days before the exam.
58. I hate it if people don't like me or are annoyed with me.
59. I used to faint a lot when I was younger and that's what people at school associated with me.
60. I used to hate my name, although I quite like it now.
61. I used to be obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley, although I still adore them.

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62. I have always wanted an older brother.
63. I have to plan everything.
64. If I don't get at least 7 hours sleep I am very grumpy.
65. I have worn a watch every day since I was about 6.
66. I've never dyed my hair, only non-permanent dip dye!
67. My room is bright green and pink.
68. I exercise pretty much every day.
69. I am very good at saving money.

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70. I love James Bond films.
71. I am my families personal sewer, if they ever need clothes sewn up they ask me.
72. I love candles.
73. I was going to be called Elliott if I was a boy.
74. I prefer to shop on my own.
75. I have wanted to start youtube videos for ages, but I'm too scared.
76. If it were socially acceptable to wear false lashes every day, I would.

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77. At school my favourite subjects were textiles, media and french.
78. At college my favourite subject is psychology.
79. ..as I love knowing how my mind works.
80. I subscribe myself to a lot of mailing lists just so I get letters in the post.
81. I used to be obsessed with Pokemon.
82. I was born 3 weeks early and weighed 6lbs 7oz.
83. Whenever I buy high end makeup, I keep the packaging it came in.
84. I want to go to Rome and ride a vespa.

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85. The car I have is a silver Ford KA.
86. I love helping other people.
87. I always wanted a twin brother.
88. I make up names each time I go to Starbucks, although I'm usually Freya ;)

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89. I am very shy and people often think I'm moody or a bitch because I'm so quiet!
90. I passed my driving test with one minor.
91. I have so many things I want to teach Phoebe when she's older and so many places I want to show her.
92. I hate when people cancel on me.
93. When I was younger, I loved football.
94. From a young age, I knew the kind of person I wanted to be, thanks to my parents.

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95. I was very cheeky as a child and my family thought I would be very rebellious, although now, I'm the opposite.
96. I'm sad a lot of the time.
97. I love dressmaking.
98. My driving instructor told my Dad he wanted his daughter to be like me when she grew up, that was the best compliment I've ever received.
99. I feel out of place pretty much everywhere I am.
100. Blogging has made me a lot happier.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have done this post please link it below!



  1. This was such an interesting post! I always used to make up names at starbucks haha, will start doing this again ;) xo


  2. Woah, you're a good driver! I have the same issue about clothes never fitting, ha xx

  3. This was a lovely post to read :) I'm terrified of deep water too, so much so, I can't even swim haha! xxx


  4. You sound so much like me when I was a little younge. I hate deep water, and I have trained myslef not to be a fussy eater as when you get older and the situations you're in it kind of becomes impossible and I too keep the packaging when I buy high end makeup.

    Lovely read x


  5. Judging by this we're so similar it's a little bit scary haha, lovely post - I thoroughly enjoyed it! :-) xx

  6. such a lovely post!phoebe is so cute!xx

  7. your blog is so soo Amazing ...... i really just open my laptop just 2 see if you posted

    1. Oh gosh this actually made my day! Thank you <3 xx

  8. Aw really interesting. Blogging has made me a lot happier too, its something to look forward to :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  9. I'm thinking about making similar post! I'm so, so scared of sharks, just like you. They absolutely freak me out :)x

  10. This was an awesome post :) I wish I had some more of your healthy habits although I've never smoked a cigarette and I don't drink so I'm getting there! Blogging makes me happy too :) x

  11. Great post Georgina, loved it!
    I'm also a very shy person, so I totally understand you when people think we're rude just because we don't speak too much. First, I just need to trust people enough, so we can have a more deep talk and then they will probably change their opinion about me! But I'm definitely not extrovert when i first meet someone! Some people just don't get it!
    Keep doing these amazing posts, and please don't be sad! :)


  12. Great post lovely, I agree with so many of these - espesh 42! xx


  13. I'm studying forensics right now! Its so unusual to find someone else that finds it interesting :)


  14. I loved reading this post! I'm quite good at saving money too but even worse when it comes to deciding what I'm actually saving for!


  15. wow we seem so similar! great post :) Rachel xx

  16. I just fell in love with your blog :) even through this list, how lovely you are shines through. There were a lot of things in the list I relate to - but my favourite one, and one which I share, is that your main goal in life is to be happy. That's such a nice thing to hear, so many people have so many high ambitions, and although I have ambitions too, as long as I can be happy, and the people I love can be happy, that's all that really matters to me. Lovely blog post xx

    1. Aw your comment made me smile, thank you! :)

  17. this is really nice!!! :)

  18. i really enjoyed reading this! haha

  19. We sound very similar, except I can be quite an angry person inside so I was like " D: uh oh DON'T HATE ME" when I got to that one lol.

    My cousin wears false lashes every day but doesn't overdo the rest of her make up, so it looks absolutely fine! I don't think anybody ever... bats an eyelid... when she wears them, ha!


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