Friday, 11 January 2013

Wishlist #13

1. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch
I already have the a similar version of this watch but it's quite a lots smaller, I have had my eye on the larger version for a while as I think it would be nice to alternate between the two! I would 100% recommend Michael Kors watches as I wear mine everyday!

2. River Island Duck Skirt
This skirt has Georgina written all over it. Animal print, check. Above the knee skirt, check. Ducks, check. I am so in love with it! I have vouchers for River Island that I got for Christmas and went into my local store but they didn't have this! I will keep searching for it!
3. Nars Sheerglow Foundation
This has been on my wishlist for ages! I never order foundations online as I don't tend to like guessing shades, I don't live near anywhere that has a Nars counter so I am waiting until I go to the US and seeing if they have it there! 

4. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
Everytime I go onto my blogger dashboard there seems to be a review for this product! I haven't owned the Naked or the Naked 2 palette so am dying to try this! Maybe when I go to the US I will see if they have it, or I will eventually pick up one of the Naked palettes!

5. Prada Tote Bag
*sigh* this is on my birthday list but at over £1000 I am 110% I am not getting it. Maybe this will be my first purchase when I get a proper paycheck!

6. Levi Shorts
I have been on the hunt for a certain pair of shorts, I have them in my head. Tight around the waist but them loose around the leg area. I went to a Levi outlet store and the girl working there has the perfect shorts but the only shorts they actually sold were 35 inch waist which I think are a tiny bit big for my 23 inch waist! Haha! I am hoping I can find a Levi store when I go to the US as they are SO much cheaper there!

7. Topshop Petite Dress
I love Topshop (mainly because I get staff discount teehehe!) because they sell small sizes! I tend to shop in the Petite section as that goes down to a size 4 which is the size that fits me and no other shops seem to do it! *sigh* I love this dress as its simple but cute! 

8. Jeffrey Campbell Lana's
I am so in love with my Jeffrey Campbell Lita's and would love the Lana's! These are the ones I am planning on purchasing next! 

I am currently emailing a few girls who are going to be guest posting on my blog, I have an exam next week and then am going to try and relax for a while after that! I then go away to LA on the 31st January (I think I mentioned it a bit too much in this blogpost! Whooops!) so won't be blogging then although I may try and schedule a few posts to go up when I'm away! I thought I would ask a few people to guest post while I'm revising/relaxing in the next few weeks! If you would like to guest post just email me at or tweet me @georginalucyy and you can! I am pretty open to what you can blog about so long as it fits within my blog, but I will accept most topics! I love having guest bloggers as I get to know them and their blog more and you guys can find new blogs to follow! 

Have you been lusting after anything lately?



  1. Love everything! The dress is my absolute favourite, agree about small sizes, I'm a six and most places don't even do that! xo

  2. The dress is lovely, and I'm seriously lusting after the basics palette after seeing so many good reviews! xo

  3. Just ordered the basics pallet and I want it to be here now haha! That Prada bag is amazing...I want!xx

  4. I love that dress, having staff discount at Topshop would be amazing! I've got exams looming too otherwise I'd offer to guest post, hope you get everything sorted though x

  5. When you come to the states I would go to one of our thrift stores! You can find some levi there. And they usually have the really worn in feel that you want. Perfect for some cut offs.


    1. Oo cool! Will try and find some thrift stores!! xx

  6. I adore that TopShop striped dress!!



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