Friday, 22 February 2013

Etail PR + Marc B Outfit Competition Entry.

Etail are giving bloggers the chance to win a £75 Marc B voucher and a £175 asos voucher! You can find details here! To enter it all you have to do is choose a Marc B bag and create your own outfit around it! I highly recommend you check out the Marc B website as I have been lusting after a bag for ages!

I chose this watch as the gold goes with the gold hardware on the back! It is also generally a beautiful watch, I always check out the Marc Jacobs watches and would love one!

I think this blazer gives a nice pop of colour! I wanted to keep this outfit quite simple and casual but think this blazer makes it slightly more dressy! The colour is also stunniny!

I chose the Giselle black bag, I have been loving this style of back recently! I think it is very simple yet chic and at £59 it won't break the bank!

I chose another gold item as it is a similar to the watch and the hardware on the bag. I love wearing statement jewellery when I am wearing a slightly more casual outfit!

These jeans are really wearable as the colour goes with anything!

This is a very casual and simple top however it is great as it can be worn with so many different items of clothing!

These ballet flats are a simple and comfortable shoe to wear with the outfit, but the animal face makes them really fun!

I really love this outfit as I think it is casual and something I would wear if I was going shopping or out for the day! I especially love the blazer and think it is a real statement piece and adds a lovely pop of colour to the whole outfit!


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

LA + Santa Barbara Photo Diary Part 2

Hello! Here is the second and final part of my LA and Santa Barbara photo diary! This is the final three days of my trip and probably the best days, I didn't know anyone on the trip and made friends with the girl I was sharing a room with, we then started going around with three other girls and towards the end of the trip we got on really well and got to know each other better.

On the Sunday we went to Universal Studios, I didn't know what to expect as the last time I went was when I was eight and it was the one in Florida. If you haven't been, it has rides but it's not really a theme park, it also has shops and shows.

We went on the tram tour which I really liked, we went round and saw the Desperate Housewives set! As well as lots of other sets from films including the hotel from Psycho! It was quite odd seeing sets that I had seen in films, the only thing I didn't like was the fact that they enjoy throwing water at you! Me and one of the other girls kept grabbing each other and hiding because we don't like water!

To get to different rides you have to climb up mountains of stairs! This was the view from the top, it was beautiful! This was our first day in Los Angeles and I was loving it!

We went to a water show, I wasn't too keen on going to this as I know they like throwing water into the audience but we managed to avoid it! I usually hate rides but the other girls liked them so I decided to just go for it and we went on The Mummy ride, although it was very fast, it wasn't too bad! We ended up going on it 5 times in a row! I was in the mood to try literally everything as I didn't know when I would get the opportunity to go again, I decided to go into the "House of horrors," in England these are usually so bad it's funny, so I decided to go in. BIG mistake. I don't actually like these things but was persuaded to go in, four of us went in and we got to the first part when we refused to go through the door as this man was just terrifying, everyone behind us got so pissed off as we were screaming and wouldn't move! In the end I ran out (creepy man also decided to chase me as I ran..) and was shaking for about ten minutes afterwards! The other three girls came out and looked petrified! When we met up at the end of the day the teachers said they literally ran through the whole thing with their eyes closed!

I don't have many photos of the Monday but we went to Sony Studios, this was awesome as we saw so many sets for television shows! We saw Angelina Jolie's Dad, I think he was filming something. Everyone got really excited but I had no idea who he was until they said "it's Angelina Jolie's Dad!!" haha! We saw the GhostBusters car! We then went to Santa Monica Pier and went for some more shopping! In the evening it was our final meal so all 20 of us went out together! We went to a place called Saddle Ranch and it was so nice to all do something together as we had all been in our groups! We had a four course meal and then candy floss after! I'm not great with sugar so I was a little crazy afterwards! ;) 

 On the last day we went for a group breakfast at Jerry's Diner, I had pancakes with chocolate chips and ice cream! It was AMAZING! We were then picked up and went for an open top tour of Hollywood, we did this on the coldest day, we had blankets and were all huddling together as it was so cold!

We turned around and Tim Burton was getting out of his car! This was really exciting as I love his films!
I was just snapping away photos and everyone was saying "Oh my gosh it's Chris O'Dowd!" I'm glad I got a photo even though I didn't mean to! 

This is the hotel from Pretty Woman, all the girls were getting excited and having seen Pretty Women a million times I also got excited!

We then went to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, which was quite scary as I think people are aware that it's a tourist place as there were so many people trying to get money! So many people hand you CD's, say it's theirs and they worked with "name of popular artist," compliment you and then ask for money and if you refuse they take the CD off of you! We then  went to Venice Beach, it was quite strange going from looking at $20 million houses in the morning and then seeing a drunk homeless man face down in the sand on the beach! (He was alive, I checked! Haha!) Three of us really wanted to hire bikes and cycle along the beach, so we did! It was one of the most amazing feelings ever, I'm not sure why! It's just such an interesting place and I felt so lucky to be there! We cycled for ages and almost reached Santa Monica Pier! They have a little track for cyclists like a road and everyone skates and cycles along it!

We then had to leave and go to the airport! I was so upset to leave, I could have stayed there for so much longer. We had a night flight which I like as they dim the lights and it's quieter! When we got on the plane one of our teachers said to us "apparently Rupert Grint is on the plane." Me and two of the other girls decided we were going to "slyly" go and see our other teacher who was nearer to the front of the plane, we then casually (not) walked to the front and right past Rupert Grint, I had a mini heart attack. We had then reached the front of the plane so had to pretend we got lost and walk back! Haha! When we landed we went to luggage claim and he was there again, we went to talk to him and people got photos with him, unfortunately he left before I could get a photo with him! Hmphh! I really don't get that excited about celebrities but on the trip I had seen three people who I admire so it was really cool! 

I still can't admit that I'm back in England! I still have my watch on LA time which I really should change, haha!


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I know I am about three years behind on the bandwagon but I thought I would still voice my opinion on the Urban Decay Naked palette! I bought this a few weeks ago when I was in the US (haul here) and have been using it everyday since!

I pretty much only ever wear neutral shadows, having fair hair and fair skin can be difficult as a lot of colours look too harsh and odd on my colouring! I knew this palette would be well worth the money as they are colours I know work for me. I can honestly say I have used it everyday since I got it! I've used all the shades at some point, the only one I haven't used too much is Gunmetal. I have either done a really neutral eye with Sin on the lid and then a darker colour in the crease, I tend to just pick and mix the crease colour so it changes everyday! I then like to use Creep along the lashline instead of eyeliner, sometimes black gel liner can look too dark and harsh so it's nice to have something a little softer. I also use Buck across the lid and then the darker browns on the outer corner to create a smokey brown eye as I look odd with a black/grey smokey eye, the brown smokey eye is my go to look if I want something a bit more dramatic!

 The eye shadows are long lasting and don't crease, the palette came with a brush which I use to apply the lid colour. It also came with a mini primer potion which I used to use but never got round to purchasing again, so I'm really happy to have it again! With palettes like this, there always seems to be one or two colours that I never use, however with this palette I love every one and have used it at some point! I would say to check out the Naked 2 palette as well, I've heard a few people say that they found the Naked 2 better with their skin colouring and others say they preferred this palette! When I was in Sephora I looked at the Naked 2 and decided that the original would be best for me, although I am so tempted to get the Naked 2 as well! (I also would love the Naked Basics palette! I'll end up with no money at this rate!!)

Overall I would 100% recommend this palette, I'm guessing about 98% of you already have this palette, but if you don't yet I really think you should pop out and get it!


Thursday, 14 February 2013

LA Haul!

 Hello! So I thought I would show you all what I bought when I was in the US. I am writing blog post with pictures and stories of my trip so you can see what we did! I had a few things I wanted to get but mainly just had a look around all the stores we can't get in England!

Urban Decay Naked Palette 
I'm aware I am about three years behind on this! I wanted this palette since it came out but I can't get Urban Decay anywhere near where I live and just never got around to purchasing it online! This was $50 so around £31 which is a bit cheaper than in England! 

Mac Empty Large Palette 
This is sold out on the MAC website and has been for ages! I entered my email so that they would email when it was back in stock and have been waiting for months! I had to go to three different MAC stores in California as it was sold out in two of them!

Nars Sheerglow Foundation 
 I have wanted this for absolutely ages! It seemed everyone was raving about it! Again, Nars is not sold near me and I don't like purchasing foundations online! When I knew I was going to the US I made sure this was top of my list! I am a MAC nc20 and have the shade Mont Blanc in Sheerglow! PS. LOVING it so far!!

Mac Morange Lipstick 
This has been on my wishlist for ages and I just never got around to purchasing it! I haven't worn it yet but the colour is beautiful and I can tell I'm going to love it!

Mac MSF Natural 
Another product I had wanted for ages! I have quite dry skin yet like a quite matte finish, it's quite hard to wear powder without it clinging to all the dry patches on my face, however this powder is quite light and am loving it so far! I am nc20 and bought the shade Light Plus!

 A few of the girls I was with wanted to go into the Vans store, I had wanted a pair ages ago but didn't really think I was going to buy a pair. I was waiting for the other girls to try theirs on and went on a browse around the store when I saw this pair, I loved the colour and bought them! The sizing in the US confuses me because according to the size chart these are a UK 6 when I'm a 7! I think their sizing chart is a bit wrong! I got these on the first day and wore them pretty much everyday afterwards! They look great with my disco pants!

Stripy Top, Abercrombie and Fitch
 I didn't think I would buy anything from Abercrombie and Fitch, mainly because it's very expensive! However they had an amazing sale in the one at Universal Studios, they have items that were on sale and then half off the sale price!! I got this top for around $9! I really love it!

Blue Jumper, Abercrombie and Fitch 
I also bought this jumper in Abercrombie, it was around $19 so really reasonable! I'm glad I bought it as it's perfect for the stupid cold weather I had to come back to in England!! 

Running Pants, Forever 21 
 I have needed bottoms to exercise in for ages, I had been wearing leggings but they were a bit rubbish to work out in! They seemed to have exercise clothes in almost every shop! 

Los Angeles, New York Top, Brandy Melville 
 I went to the Brandy Melville store in Santa Monica, it looked nice from the outside and we all went in, oh my gosh it's the best store ever! We only had about twenty minutes in the store but the next day we made sure we went back and spent ages in it! I only bought one items but was tempted to buy so much more! I just found out that they have a store in the UK!!

Bag, Forever 21 
I saw this bag in the Forever 21 on State Street in Santa Barbara but didn't buy it, when we got to LA I kept seeing it and then decided I needed to have it! It's quite small but I don't have any small bags that aren't black, the hearts on it are also really cute and it was around $21 so really affordable!

It wouldn't be a holiday without buying touristy stuff! ;) I bought this at the gift shop on Hollywood Boulevard and it now sits above my makeup table so I just stare at it everyday and hope to go back!

I am not entirely sure why I bought Hollywood mints but I did! 

I kind of regret not getting more touristy things! I wish I had bought an I heart LA top! They were all really huge though so they would swamp me! I wish I had bought a ton of candy to bring back and some Lucky Charms because it's so expensive to get it here! But I am definitely going back soon so I will do that then! ;) I am going to be placing an order at CyberCandy soon!


Monday, 11 February 2013

LA + Santa Barbara Photo Diary Part 1

I got back from the US last week and a few people asked me to share photos of my trip! I took over 700 so have managed to cut them down to a few! I have also had to split these posts so I will share photos from a few days at a time! Sorry for my blog URL all over the photos but these are personal photos so would hate for anyone to take them! Although it's probably the worst attempt ever, I was tired so just wrote my URL and put it in the photo wherever I could!

If you didn't know, I went on the trip with my college. It was a trip for students who study Media or Film Studies as the main part of the trip was the film festival. Overall there were 20 students and 3 teachers who went, I think it was a nice number and everyone formed their own groups within the big group. I left on Thursday (31st January) morning, we met at college at 5.30am! I was very tired and believe it or not me and Mum saw people RUNNING and walking their dogs!! Why are they not in bed? Haha! My flight was at 10.25am and so I had a lovely breakfast at the airport, we went to Giraffe, which I have never been to before. I had pancakes with blueberries which was amazing! The flight was okay, ten hours is such a long time to be sat down for! I get bored easily and I kept watching half films and then getting bored of them so changing! This photos was taken when we arrived in LA and we were on the coach to Santa Barbara. We arrived in Santa Barbara and went straight out to see a film, one of the main reasons we went to the US was because of the Santa Barbara Film Festival, we saw a film called Beijing Flickers which was actually really good even though it had subtitles and I had been awake for over 24 hours and could barely read them!

This photo was taken on the first morning out of my window, I loved waking up to this, it was beautiful! On our first full day we had free time for the morning, we went to the beach and walked along the pier before going shopping!! On the first day I went a little crazy with my shopping! In the afternoon we went to see two more films, called Punk In Africa and Queen of Montreuil. I loved Queen Of Montreuil, you can see the trailer and a clip here and here. I believe we were the first people to see the film which was really exciting!

This was my bed! It was possibly the most comfy bed ever! I loved our room, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Santa Barbara and I would 100% recommend it! I shared with one other girl which was quite nice as I've gone on trips before and there has been three of us in a really tiny room, this room was really big and apparently we had one of the nicest rooms of everyone!

This pelican was terrifying! He kept flying towards us and he actually pecked a few people! We spent quite a long time on the pier as it was really pretty and had quite a few tourist shops and restaurants, it was also a really beautiful day so it was nice to hang out on the beach for a while.

On the second day we went shopping before going to a producers panel! They had the producers of films like Silver Linings Playbook, Les Mis, Beasts Of The Southern Wild, Lincoln, Django Unchained and Life Of Pi and they were asked questions about their jobs and the people they have worked with. I was watching the Bafta's last night with my Mum and it was really nice to know that I had learnt so much from the people who actually made the films that were nominated and won!

We then had the rest of the afternoon as free time, I was surprised at how much freedom we were give, I last went on a trip at secondary school and you had to keep checking in with them and they were strict about where you could go. Whereas here they would let you go wherever you wanted and do whatever you wanted to do! I found it quite scary at the airport when we checked in and they said "we'll meet you at the gate" I had never been in an airport without my parents so I had to work out what to do! We found a nice Mexican restaurant for lunch and then after we found a really beautiful hotel, when I go on holiday with my parents we used to just walk around other hotels and be nosey! We walked around it for a bit, the day before we had done most of our shopping so we had already gone to most of the shops! We then had a few hours spare and I wasn't feeling too good so we went back to the hotel for a nap! 

Hello me in the mirror! ;) This was our "getting ready" area in the morning! 

We then went to an awards ceremony where JENNIFER LAWRENCE was being given an award. She was then interviewed (by the worlds WORST interviewer, he was awful!) and she was hilarious! I am 100% in love with her she was so lovely and down to earth! And yes, I was in the same room as Jennifer Lawrence. I still cannot get over that! I hadn't seen any of her earlier films but I now really want to see The Burning Plain and The Poker House.

The first few days were quite relaxed in comparison to the last few! I will put up the next photo diary in a few days which will be slightly more interesting as the first few days we were all tired and just shopped a little bit! I also have a haul of the many things I bought so look out for that!


Friday, 8 February 2013

Sophia With Love Jewellery

I was so excited to get home from the US (photos and extremely long blog post coming soon!) to find my package from the lovely Sophia had arrived! I won a giveaway last year where I won two pieces from her online store and I absolutely love them so I am so excited to have some more items to wear!*

I think my favourite items are the ring and earrings, I was so excited to find the ring in my package! Since finding Sophia's store I had my eye on this ring! I have wanted one of the YSL arty rings for ages but they are just crazily expensive, this ring is so similar and I absolutely adore it! The earrings are also absolutely beautiful, they are definitely something I would have picked out myself! 

Everything on the store is really reasonably priced and great quality! If you haven't checked out Sophia's blog and website please do!



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