Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Loving Lately #1

Even though I do monthly favourites posts, I don't always share random favourites, music, films, tv shows that I have been loving, I've even snuck a couple of beauty favourites in for good measure!

Orange is the new Black
I remember seeing an interview with Jason Biggs a while ago when he was promoting this show, I didn't really pay much attention to it at the time however over the past month or so I have been hearing a number of different people mention how good it is. Last week I decided to watch the first episode and I am hooked!! I am now on episode 9! It is basically set in a US prison, I love the fact that there are flashbacks of each character so you meet them and find out why they are in prison. It's very addictive and I love Piper, the main character and Jason Biggs is great too! 

I have two bands to talk about, the first is The 1975. I love their album, my favourite songs are "Chocolate" and "Girls." I genuinely think I could listen to "Girls" over and over! Their music isn't for everyone but I have really been enjoying listening to it. Secondly, one of the best albums..ever! I legit adore this album, it's phenomenal. My favourite songs are "Knee Socks" "Snap out of it" and "Do I Wanna Know?' 

I have recently rediscovered Nars Sheerglow Foundation, I've had so many issues with my skin lately, I'm breaking out like crazy and my skin is so so dry. Foundations have not been agreeing with my skin however this one is great on dry skin, a perfect match colour match for me and has a lovely finish. I think my favourite way to apply it is with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, this is also something I've rediscovered and been really enjoying using again lately.

I've been feeling quite down for the past few weeks, so what's the best way to cheer myself up? Well, Ryan Gosling films of course! I've watched Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Notebook and Drive. Next on my list is The Place Beyond the Pines and Blue Valentine. Crazy, Stupid, Love is a brilliant film as Ryan's character is very very lovely ;) (there is also a nice topless scene so there's another reason to watch) it's lighthearted, funny and entertaining, it would be perfect for a girly night in!

What have you guys been loving lately?



  1. I've been wanting to be the Nars foundation for a very long time but I'm still using up a couple of others. And I just bought a new YSL one so it may take some time before I try it.....I'm also really into my Real Techniques brushes!

  2. Omg, I thought I was the only person who loved 1975's album.
    I have 'girls' and 'Knee Socks' on repeat as we speak.
    Great blog

    -Saki xx

  3. Ahh Crazy Stupid Love! Possibly my favourite Ryan Gosling film, although I can't forget my original love for him in The Notebook <3 I've been loving AM too lately xx

  4. Haha Ryan cheers me right up as well, I always have a RG marathon when I'm feeling down ;)

  5. A little bit of Ryan never hurts :D I'm currently obsessing over Reign and a few songs from Jessie J's new album :)

  6. My skin is so spotty but horribly dry and flakey at the same time ! i think i need some nars sheer glow in my life xx

  7. i need to invest in some NARS foundation! great post!



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