Monday, 6 January 2014

2014 Goals

I have really loved reading other people's new years resolutions and hopes for this year, so I thought I would share mine. I also think I am more likely to keep resolutions if I write them down and if I blog about them, I can keep going back to it. It wasn't until last year that I really did resolutions, I kept a few last year but I feel like all the ones I've chosen this year are thing I genuinely want to do and know I will still to.

Keep Fit
I'm pretty sure I'll never be 100% happy with my body but I guess no one ever is. My first resolution is to keep fit and get into a fitness routine. I love running but sometimes I get out of a routine and it all messes up, so my aim for this year is to get fit and healthy. I also want to change my eating habits a lot, I've considered being vegetarian and although I'm not 100% saying I will, it's something I am going to continue to think about and see if it's something I want to do. 

Be Happy
This is probably the most important one to me, I want to be genuinely happy. That's all.

I really want to get some kind of work experience over the summer, whether this be photography, makeup or film experience, I feel like I need to do something productive with my time. I also really want to start up my own little business to bring in some more money!

Although I always work hard on my blog, I really want to see how far I can go and how much I can improve in terms of content. I want to work harder on writing posts, including more of my personality into them. I've also decided to bring some fashion onto my blog, so look out for more outfit of the days!

Go out more
I'll admit it, I'm someone who would rather curl up and watch endless episodes of Breaking Bad, Sex and The City and Dexter than go out. I want to go out more, say yes to more opportunities and maybe even *whisper* socialise with non-internet people. I feel a bit trapped, it's all self inflicted, I'm scared of basically everything so I often say "no" to things because they scare me, when I really should "just say yes."

I would love to travel a bit more, even though I did travel a lot last year, I want to make little trips around England. I want to just go into London for the day, jump on the tube and explore, it's one of my favourite things to do but I don't do it enough.

Read more
I adore reading, yet last year I barely read any books. I really need to find new, different books to explore *recommendations welcome* 

Don't let other people get me down
I constantly think about what other people think about me, both in my *real life* and in blogging. Whether my blog is good enough, whether the person over there thinks I don't have the body to wear this dress, whether I'm not good enough. I want to stop caring about other people and focus on myself. I also want to stand up for myself, *certain people* got me down last year, made me feel like I wasn't good enough and because I'm so shy, I let them treat me like that.

What are your resolutions for this year?



  1. Great resolutions for the new year, we have similar goals :) I hope you achieve yours!

    Beauty by Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

  2. What a great set of resolutions, I hope you have a lovely 2014!


  3. Oo great resolutions, with you on the reading one! I would recommend 'A Piece of Cake' by Cupcake Brown, such an incredible book and so inspiring towards the end!

    Kassie - xx

  4. Some of our resolutions are quite similar, Books - Bridget Jones, all three are completely hilarious and relatable. And the Goldfinch Donna Tart quite a big book but god it's good.

  5. My resolutions are pretty similar, I need to keep myself fit and motivated to keep working out!

  6. I'm planning to read more, too. I just don't make enough time for it any more! In 2013 I loved The Hunger Games trilogy and also a book called Half The Sky - it's an extremely empowering & eye-opening book. Every woman should read it!



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