Monday, 27 January 2014

Loving Lately - Non-Beauty Favourites

I've been thinking of making this a regular thing and doing "non-beauty favourites" every month (or every so often!) and just share some films/tv/music that I've been loving!

Anna Lee and Jesse 
I recently found Anna Lee and Jesse's youtube channel and I am obsessed, I watch them one after another and have almost watched them all! They do follow-me-around style vlogs which are some of my favourite videos to watch. Check out their channel here.

Sex and the City
I had seen both of the Sex and the City movies but never the TV show, when I finished University for Christmas I started watching the TV series and managed to get through all six series (in one month!!) I got addicted, it's such a lovely girly show to watch!

George Ezra
I was stuck in traffic when I heard an interview with George Ezra on Radio One, I decided to look up his music on spotify and I've been obsessed! There's only five songs that I've managed to find at the moment but I've been listening to them non stop! I would really recommend you check him out!

We'll Take Manhattan 
I was having a lazy evening in and decided to watch the film We'll Take Manhattan, I had never really heard of it before but it's based around David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton so I knew it would be my kind of film.

I've been baking a lot more recently, above is a picture of some cakes I decorated. I've been trying to bake some healthier things too, so if anyone has recipe ideas please leave them in the comments!

Coral Hunters 
Oh, how pretty are these? I've always wanted a pair of Hunters and when I spotted these coral ones on Tumblr I knew I had to have them! They are so cute and are top of my wish list!



  1. Ive always really wanted a pair of Hunters <3 :)!

    Berrie-Blogs: Beauty Blog x

  2. Lovely post, please do more of these, I love baking, I've always wanted a pair of Hunters & I love the film We'll Take Manhattan xx



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