Friday, 20 June 2014

Wishlist: Things I Can't Afford

Mulberry Lily Bag
I already own the Mulberry Bayswater bag but lately I've been getting withdrawal symptoms and would love another one (in my dreams!) I have been drooling over the Lily bag and I think the magenta colour is just beautiful! 
Kate Spade Thermal Mug
This isn't technically a "thing I can't afford" it's more of a "thing that is slightly overpriced" at £19.95, I'm not sure whether it's worth it just for a thermal mug but I love green tea and think it would come in so handy when I'm back at uni so it *may* end up being purchased!
Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara
I'm lusting after the whole Charlotte Tilbury makeup range, the packaging is just beautiful and all the products look freaking amazing! I saw a video on youtube where someone used this mascara and their lashes looked phenomenal!
Kate Spade Lemon Bag
Who doesn't need a handbag in the shape of a lemon? I saw this in the Covent Garden store and pretty much fell in love, I just think it's adorable. I've pretty much convinced myself that I *need* this, I need it don't I?
Smythson Travel Wallet
The other day I found out that I had won two return flights, two nights accommodation and £200 spending money for a trip to Amsterdam in a competition at work! I have wanted to go to Amsterdam for ages so I am ridiculously excited! I have been looking at travel wallets, and this Smythson one is beautiful and exactly what I'm after, (shame about the price tag!) if anyone know where I can get an affordable one, please let me know!

What items are on your wish list?



  1. I love all of your picks, I love the Mulberry Lily bag, it's so gorgeous! I'm loving Kate Spade at the moment, I recently got a lovely turquoise wristlet on sale which is perfect for Summer! :)

    Jessica | Jessica’s Journal ♥

    1. I'm obsessed with Kate Spade recently too! They do some really classic cute piece but also so many quirky bits! xxx



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