Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 goals

Get fitter and eat healthier. Don't eat skittles for breakfast (i'm pretending this didn't happen)
I definitely want to carry on working out and improve my diet. I do exercise quite frequently so I just want to carry on with that when I can and make sure I eat a lot healthier than I have done over the Christmas period (oooppss).

Travel as much as possible
 I need to stop spending money on clothes or 10 foundations and save for travelling. I want to cut back on the amount of money I spend on makeup so I can save up to go travelling! I am planning on going to America in summer so need to save for that. I would also LOVE to go to New York in 2016 for my 21st so need to save for that!

Have fun
I feel like I don't have as much fun as I should have and compared to others that I know, I want to visit more places and do as many things that I haven't done before.

Blog more
This year has been difficult, I have two jobs and university full time so it has been hard to juggle them all! But next year will include better content and photography, I promise!

Take more photos and buy a Polaroid camera.
I want to take even more photos than I already do and get a poloroid camera so that I have more photos that I can keep and have to scrapbook.

What are your New Years goals?



  1. Mine are too be healthy, spend and save, and to accept read in more detail over at my blog at:
    Thank you xx

  2. Great goals! Mine are quite similar, getting fitter being no. 1! xx

    Pillarbox Post

  3. Lovely post, it's hard to save money as blogger as you just want to try everything new that comes out!! America in the summer sounds great, good luck with saving, I hope you reach your target. We really want to go to New Orleans and Miami, but we simply can't afford it yet. Fingers crossed I will have enough saved soon :)

    Lauren - bylaurenjane

    1. Yes exactly! I want to buy everything! Haha! Hopefully you manage to save for Miami! :) xxx

  4. wow this is so crazy- we have pretty much the same resolutions! top on my list have to be to travel and take more photos though (especially with a polaroid because they are more fun)!

    Happy new year- hope its a good one for you x

    1. Polaroid's are SO much fun! Happy new year to you too! :) xxx

  5. Happy New Year! Taking more photos is one of my goals for next year too xx

  6. Happy New Year! Blog more is defo on my list :)

    Celine //


  7. Good luck with all the things you wish to do! I wish to blog more this year too :)

  8. 2 jobs AND full time school?? Goodness girl how on earth do you do that! Wow I'm impressed, how are you even human I swear? haha seriously though, I thought handling one job was hard let alone 2.

    1. Hahahaha! I'm not entirely sure how I manage! xx



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