Thursday, 31 December 2015

2016 Resolutions

Make my blog bigger and better
In the past few months I've been trying my best to improve my blog, working on photography, posting more often, thinking of more creative content and improving my social media, in particular instagram to create more of a 'brand.' This year I want to continue to do this and to make my blog bigger and better than 2015. 

I think I spoke about happiness in my goals for 2015. This year I want to think of myself more, think of my own happiness and spend time on me. A selfish one, yes. However I think making sure you're happy and enjoying yourself is such an important factor because if you're happy, it's much easier to make everyone around you happy too.

Keep exercising
I did exercise in 2015 more regularly than previously and in the past month or so I have got back into a sort of routine in terms of working out. So I would like to continue this throughout the year!

Who doesn't like to travel more? This year, I am hopefully going to New York for my 21st birthday and my best friend and I are hopefully going on a little weekend away somewhere, perhaps Edinburgh. As my last summer before I head into the 'real world' I would love to explore more places!

I am definitely not a 'social butterfly.' I much prefer my own company and staying home rather than going out. However this year I would love to challenge myself and try and go out more, meet new people and just generally be slightly more social than I currently am!

What are your resolutions for 2016?
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