Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Things people don't realise about blogging


It's not as easy as people make out
I get this assumption all the time from people and often from some PR's. "Oh you can just snap a few photos and write some words and have the post up today, can't you?" No. I generally take one day as my 'blogging day' and snap some blog posts and instagram photos, this takes me hours. Editing the photos takes another hour and then you have to write, publish and promote those posts. It really isn't as easy as some people assume!

You can't start a blog and get sent free stuff immediately
It took me about a year before I was even offered a product, so if you're thinking of starting a blog purely to be sent products, maybe think of a new idea. You have to put effort into your blog for people to think "I'd like this person to promote our product."

We don't just get sent free stuff all the time
While I follow a lot of the 'bigger' bloggers and youtubers on snapchat and it seems they get sent lorries of makeup and products every day, for most it isn't like this. Especially me, I'm quite picky about what I accept as I always think "could I write a good, lengthy, detailed post on this?"

You compare yourself to others so much
Most people do this in real life, especially me. However this is something that I do with my blog as well, "why does *insert brand here* not want to work with me?' "Why isn't my blog as good as *insert fab blogger here*?" "My makeup isn't as good as hers" "her content is better" "why do my photos not look that pretty?" Or is this just what goes on in my head... ;)

Events are scary
While from snapchat/instagram/twitter these look super fun and look like everyone knows everyone, they're actually TERRIFYING. Am I going to get murdered by a serial killer who has lured me to this skincare event? As an introvert I am terrified of events, I've been to two in my whole time blogging. I wish I was more confident to go to more, I'm just very awkward with people I don't know and fear being the odd one out!

 And finally, blogging is the best thing ever
I don't want this post to be me moaning constantly! Blogging is great, there are negative sides to it, yes. However surely there is with anything? On the whole, I love what I do. I used to keep hush, terrified someone would made fun of me and yes, some people have, but on the other hand my family and friends are SO ridiculously supportive and I've met some fabulous people through it. Built up my confidence, improved my writing and photography, got a fun hobby and got something extra to add to my CV!

Anymore to add?
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