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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

What's In My Uni Bag?

I recently started university and haven't done a "What's In My Bag?" post in ages so I thought I could combine the two and do a "What's In My Uni Bag?" It's not going to be the most thrilling mixture of items as I'm only in uni for a couple of hours three days a week so I don't need to take much! My bag is from Topshop, I had wanted a rucksack for ages, I have had one before but it wasn't very sturdy like this one is. It has two pockets on either side, a pocket on the flap and a pocket inside so there is plenty of space. I carry a notepad to take any notes in my lecture, if you don't know, I study Media Production, so at the moment I have notes on camera's, pixels, camera angles and composition, I make it sound so exciting..Sometimes I carry my laptop with me, this is only if I have a break or if I have time to kill but generally I don't need it as I don't have any long breaks! I also have my Cath Kidston purse which houses no money as I am rubbish and rarely carry any! Tut tut! I just keep my bank card, uni card, boots card and some coins! I have this Cath Kidston Makeup Bag where I keep things like hand sanitizer, "girly items" and makeup, I hate having things loose in my bag so this is perfect! I have my River Island sunglasses, even though the summer is long gone! This is just incase the sun is a little bright while I'm driving! I carry headphones just in case I have a break, I also have to get to uni quite early to get a car park space so sometimes I listen to music in my car! I carry Tic Tacs as I eat a whole lot and always have mints after food! I carry this adorable planner, I am so in love with it, it was such a good find, I had wanted a "days of the week planner" for ages but didn't want one that had set days eg. 5th November 2013, it just has Monday-Sunday and I can write in it whenever! I them have my house and car keys on my Cath Kidston key ring and some pens and a pencil for writing notes! 



  1. Lovely post! I think i'm probably going to do a post like this when i get myself organised! Wheres your bag from? It's lovely! xx

    1. Oops probably should have mentioned that! I've added it to the post now! It's from Topshop :) xx

  2. I love your little pocket planner! I have a filofax to keep me organised, it isn't glamourous but it's so handy x

  3. You are quite organised, indeed! I love the planner.

  4. the little pocket planner is so cute! I started uni in 2007 and it wasn't the norm for people to bring ipads and laptops and things to lectures (Ipads didnt even exist at the time lol). I wish I could go back an experience it all again, so much seems to have changed in a relatively short time! Your little backpack bag is so cute and looks like the perfect thing for the job x
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  5. All your Cath Kidston stuff is so cute! Especially the make-up bag, things like that are my weakness, they are too pretty.

  6. Without sounding too mumsie I think a rucksack is a genius idea for uni, especially when you're lugging laptops, books and what-not around. After 15 years of hulking around big heavy bags I have such a bad back and I'm seriously trying to whittle down my daytime luggage! Will definitely be investing in a rucksack to even out the load too. Good idea xxx

  7. Cool post great photos love the bag xx

  8. I'm rarely in either, but I have all my sketchbooks and stuff to carry round which is annoying haha xx

  9. Great post! Cute bag <3



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