Thursday 14 June 2012

Haul: Urban Outfitters, MAC, The Body Shop and more!

Hello, here's a few items I have picked up recently! I went to a vintage fair so the clothing I got from that has no labels or anything so I don't have links I can give you if you like them! :( I went to Bath (post about that here) last week and bought some things from Urban Outfitters, then went to Mac and bought one thing. (we were meant to go back but didn't so I ordered the foundation and blusher online!) I also had a little shop around town and picked up some other items.

Mac "Up the amp" lipstick £13.50, Face and Body foundation in N2 £25.50, Mineralize blush in "Warm Soul" £19
After Estee showed this blush in a haul ages ago I had to have it, I have wanted it for so long and I'm so happy I finally got it! I have also wanted Face and Body foundation for over a year, I don't think I have heard a negative review of it so I'm excited to finally try it out! I wasn't looking to buy a lipstick but after I swatched this one I had to have it!

Up the amp and Warm Soul

I am obsessed with cute patterned things and when I saw this I had to buy it!!

I am too OCD or if the fact this is wonky on the hanger annoying anyone else?

Blazer - River Island £35

Another vintage item! One of my favourite Coco Chanel quotes!

Key necklace - Minimum Mouse £6
I have wanted a key necklace like this for ages!!

Lego earrings - Minimum mouse £3

Rabbit ears ring - Little Treasures £6

Pug t-shirt - Urban outfitters mens section £20
In the mens section but I just had to have it!

Camera lens cup - Urban outfitters £20

Letter organizer - WHSmith £7.99
I thought this would be awesome for makeup palettes and it houses them perfectly!

The Body Shop - Warming mineral mask £9, tinted moisture lotion £10, face mist £7

What items have you purchased recently?


  1. that blush is gorgeous!
    obsessed with your blog! xx

    1. I know, it's beautiful!! :) Wow thank you!! xx

  2. lovely haul :) the little rabbit ears ring is so cute! love it :) xx

  3. beautiful pic!!

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  4. That blazer is gorgeous, and the dress - so cute! xx

  5. i love the dress! :)


    1. I know it's so cute! I love your blog! :) xx