Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #8

Hello! Here are the items I have been lusting after this week!

1. River Island Boots - NEED! Enough said!

2. Stella McCartney - I have wanted this for ages, but it's so darn expensive! I may ask for this for christmas!

3. Collection 2000 Cream puff - Everyone and their mothers have gone on about this product and I for the life of me cannot find it anywhere! My Boots is quite small so never stocks anything!

4. Mulberry Purse - It's Mulberry and it's a purse, which therefore means I need it!

5. Paul and Joe Blusher Stick - Okay, I will admit I want this because it's in the shape of a cat.. There were lipsticks like this a while ago! Paul and Joe is quite expensive as I probably would never use it as I wouldn't want to ruin the cat..but I still want it!

This week has been super busy, especially since Phoebe was born! I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then spent Monday and Tuesday at my sisters house with Phoebe so I'm tired! (Not that I'm complaining as I love my little girlie!) We spent yesterday afternoon in the hospital AGAIN! As my sisters blood pressure is high still! I am honestly in love with Phoebe, it was all a bit hectic on Friday, when I first met her! So I didn't really bond with her or hold her for that long. But spending the whole two days with her was amazing and I am totally obsessed with her! I keep asking my sister to send photos as I miss her! She pretty much slept the whole two days! She doesn't really open her eyes too much either so even when she's awake she keeps them closed! The most adorable thing she does is pouts! She pouts all the time! When I kiss her she pouts back so it's like she is kissing me back! My heart just melts and I want to cuddle her so much! I'm turning into one of those annoying people who only ever talks about babies! OOPS! I'm very sorry, but technically this is a "lifestyle" blog as well as beauty so I am allowed to talk about her ;) I will try not to make this a Phoebe blog and actually talk about something else! ;)


  1. It must be so lovely having a cute little niece. My boyfriend's nephew was born a few months ago and he was so tiny!

    Also, I love the cat blusher stick but wouldn't want to use it as it's too pretty!


    1. It is amazing! I LOVE her! :) I just know I would never use the blusher stick as the cat is the cutest thing ever!:) xx

  2. The collection 2000 Cream Puff is AMAZING! I own 2 shades that one and the pinky colour I've got a review on my blog of the one in your picture check it out :) xoxo

    1. I want it so much!! Ooo thanks will check it out! :) xx

  3. Lovely picks hun. It would be lovely to own a Mulberry purse and a bag to match haha xx

  4. I really want to try the cream puff too! Seen nothing but good reviews on it!x

    1. I REALLY want it too! But I cannot find it in any Boots! xx



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