Wednesday 3 October 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #11

 Hello! Here are the items I have been lusting after this week/lately!

When I get my iphone I think this will be a really handy way of keeping everything together, my friend has one and it looks like a great way of organising things! I have my phone, cards and money in different places in my huge Mary Poppins bag! It has a space for your phone, (it fits iphone, not sure about others!) a place for credit cards and a space for money! I also LOVE this colour!

Yesterday I saw a post on Kayleigh's blog where she posted pictures of her makeup, it looked beautiful! She used Cranberry (which I already own) and Sketch, they looked so pretty together and so I now want to buy it!

I have seen this lipstick on a few blogs and really want to try it out! I already own one of the Look Beauty lipsticks and really like that one!

These are probably the most "normal" pair of Jeffrey Campbell's I have seen! I really like this kind of boot and they don't have a huge heel so are wearable for college!

I have wanted a parka coat with a fur hood for ages! I think this one is really nice! The price tag on the other hand is not so nice ;) I would get 10% off for being a student but £88.20 is still a lot!

Unfortunately I cannot purchase any of these at the moment as I am on a "spending ban." I put in in speech marks as I have already spent money! Ha! I knew it wouldn't be a proper spending ban! I bought a pair of boots, (although it was on the 30th September so I'm not counting that!) I then had to pay postage to send my giveaway prizes and then today I bought a liquid liner, even though I didn't need one! I also would love if you guys could request some posts you would like to see? I have a few noted down but would love some feedback! Also, I still cannot reply to comments! It's annoying me as I love replying to your comments! Hopefully it will get sorted soon!

What have you guys been lusting after this week?


  1. I love the eyeshadow and the coat, I should probably start saving for a/w haha!

  2. Primark do a similar Parka coat for £26. I brought it the other week and I am in love with it :) xo

    Nafisah xo xo

  3. I've been looking at those hard phone cases, they look so cute! The MAC eyeshadow is gorgeous! xx

  4. I love that MAC eyeshadow! And those booties are super cute!