Thursday 14 February 2013

LA Haul!

 Hello! So I thought I would show you all what I bought when I was in the US. I am writing blog post with pictures and stories of my trip so you can see what we did! I had a few things I wanted to get but mainly just had a look around all the stores we can't get in England!

Urban Decay Naked Palette 
I'm aware I am about three years behind on this! I wanted this palette since it came out but I can't get Urban Decay anywhere near where I live and just never got around to purchasing it online! This was $50 so around £31 which is a bit cheaper than in England! 

Mac Empty Large Palette 
This is sold out on the MAC website and has been for ages! I entered my email so that they would email when it was back in stock and have been waiting for months! I had to go to three different MAC stores in California as it was sold out in two of them!

Nars Sheerglow Foundation 
 I have wanted this for absolutely ages! It seemed everyone was raving about it! Again, Nars is not sold near me and I don't like purchasing foundations online! When I knew I was going to the US I made sure this was top of my list! I am a MAC nc20 and have the shade Mont Blanc in Sheerglow! PS. LOVING it so far!!

Mac Morange Lipstick 
This has been on my wishlist for ages and I just never got around to purchasing it! I haven't worn it yet but the colour is beautiful and I can tell I'm going to love it!

Mac MSF Natural 
Another product I had wanted for ages! I have quite dry skin yet like a quite matte finish, it's quite hard to wear powder without it clinging to all the dry patches on my face, however this powder is quite light and am loving it so far! I am nc20 and bought the shade Light Plus!

 A few of the girls I was with wanted to go into the Vans store, I had wanted a pair ages ago but didn't really think I was going to buy a pair. I was waiting for the other girls to try theirs on and went on a browse around the store when I saw this pair, I loved the colour and bought them! The sizing in the US confuses me because according to the size chart these are a UK 6 when I'm a 7! I think their sizing chart is a bit wrong! I got these on the first day and wore them pretty much everyday afterwards! They look great with my disco pants!

Stripy Top, Abercrombie and Fitch
 I didn't think I would buy anything from Abercrombie and Fitch, mainly because it's very expensive! However they had an amazing sale in the one at Universal Studios, they have items that were on sale and then half off the sale price!! I got this top for around $9! I really love it!

Blue Jumper, Abercrombie and Fitch 
I also bought this jumper in Abercrombie, it was around $19 so really reasonable! I'm glad I bought it as it's perfect for the stupid cold weather I had to come back to in England!! 

Running Pants, Forever 21 
 I have needed bottoms to exercise in for ages, I had been wearing leggings but they were a bit rubbish to work out in! They seemed to have exercise clothes in almost every shop! 

Los Angeles, New York Top, Brandy Melville 
 I went to the Brandy Melville store in Santa Monica, it looked nice from the outside and we all went in, oh my gosh it's the best store ever! We only had about twenty minutes in the store but the next day we made sure we went back and spent ages in it! I only bought one items but was tempted to buy so much more! I just found out that they have a store in the UK!!

Bag, Forever 21 
I saw this bag in the Forever 21 on State Street in Santa Barbara but didn't buy it, when we got to LA I kept seeing it and then decided I needed to have it! It's quite small but I don't have any small bags that aren't black, the hearts on it are also really cute and it was around $21 so really affordable!

It wouldn't be a holiday without buying touristy stuff! ;) I bought this at the gift shop on Hollywood Boulevard and it now sits above my makeup table so I just stare at it everyday and hope to go back!

I am not entirely sure why I bought Hollywood mints but I did! 

I kind of regret not getting more touristy things! I wish I had bought an I heart LA top! They were all really huge though so they would swamp me! I wish I had bought a ton of candy to bring back and some Lucky Charms because it's so expensive to get it here! But I am definitely going back soon so I will do that then! ;) I am going to be placing an order at CyberCandy soon!


  1. This stuff is gorgeous! I had no idea some of the makeup was so difficult to get. I still haven't got the Naked palette. I really like the jumper and bag! The touristy stuff is cute xx

    1. It's mainly because I live practically in the middle of nowhere!! Haha! xx

  2. I wish I'd picked up more touristy stuff when I went to LA as well, I got a number plate like yours! It's on my wall around my scratch-away map :) I spent ages trying to find vans, walked for about 20 minutes with some friends to a vans shop to find it was closed, I was gutted because they're so much cheaper out there!

    Can't wait for all your LA related posts,

    Charlotte xo

    1. I really want a scratch away map!! Aw that sucks, they are so much cheaper over there! I kind of wish I had bought 10 pairs! ;) xx

  3. You picked up some really lovely bits!
    How are you getting on with the NARS Sheerglow? & the MSF Natural?


  4. Lovely haul :) I really want to try that MAC lipstick, it looks so pretty! xx

    1. Thank you! You should try it, it's so lovely! :) xx

  5. I regret not picking up more touristy things on my roadtrip to italy! You don't really think about it at the time, but regret it afterwards :( love my naked 2 palette so I'm sure the naked one is just as great, would love to try the nars sheer glow, but I've just bought the mac face and body foundation (on your recommendation!) Great post :) The only blog i check every day! Rachel xxx

    1. Aw hope you are liking the face and body foundation! Aw thank you that means a lot! xxx

  6. You got some awesome things! I'm so glad you finally picked up the Naked Palette, it's honestly my favorite piece of makeup, so I think you will really enjoy it! I also think you'll like the MAC powder, it's one of my favorites ;) x

  7. Me too! I came back from California a month ago and i keep regretting the things i didnt get because it really is so much cheaper there. I really want an number plate like yours now, i remember seeing it everywhere haha

  8. Awww I want to go to California:( All of your stuff looks lovely!

  9. You bought so many lovely things. I absolutely adore the colour of your vans! I wish I could go to California

  10. i have been eyeing those mint vans for so long! i think i need to finally buy them, so pretty :D

  11. Love the Forever 21 bag- it's beyond cute! x