Wednesday 8 May 2013

Macadamia Control Hairspray

Macadamia Natural Oil Control Spray £17.45*

Hairsprays were never something I invested much money in, I tended to rely on cheap own brand hairsprays however since trying this one I have realised how awful all the previous hairsprays are, this product is a new favourite of mine! I've never found a hairspray that doesn't leave my hair feeling like concrete but this leaves my hair feeling exactly the same as it does without hairspray yet holds it in place all day! Since cutting a fringe and hating it, I have been pinning my hair out of the way and the shorter bits just don't stay without being sprayed with this! Macadamia claim that the spray is "fast drying without stickiness or build up." This is definitely true, it is incredibly fast drying and not sticky at all! I always find that other hairsprays have an awful smell however I actually really like the smell of this spray! The can is absolutely huge and is definitely going to last me ages! The only downside to this product is the price, it is quite pricey for a hairspray however I do really love this product and would highly recommend it!


  1. Wow pretty interesting. I usually do not use hairspray but after reading this brand , I will consider it thx for info.

  2. Oooh, this sounds lovely!! I agree other hairsprays can make your hair feel like a rock but this sounds nice that it just keeps it in place and feeling normal!

    I'll definitely be looking into it!


    Layla xx

  3. I really like Macadamia so will have to put it on my wishlist. Its a bit expensive though! x

  4. I spotted loads of these in TK Maxx and really regret buying one! They were so cheap too! xx

  5. Ooh that is pricey! It sounds lovely though, I hate that crispy hairspray feeling in my hair. Great review! :)

    Jess xo