Monday, 27 May 2013


Recently, after trying to save money I have wanted to buy everything. I swear this always happens, when I have no money I see everything and when I have money I never find anything! I have been looking for a few new bikinis for when I go on holiday, the Lemon Bikini and Pineapple Bikini from Topshop caught my eye straight away! I love bold patterns and these are so cute!! Unfortunately they are both out of stock in my size but I will be checking everyday until I can get them! For ages I have wanted some above knuckle rings, I love the way these look and absolutely love this one from Shop Dixi as I love rose gold jewellery! I have been lusting after this Crown and Glory Headband for ages now, I love burgundy and wear it all the time so know I would get a lot of wear out of this, it's just so cute! Finally, my most longed for item. I swear every time I go on Tumblr I see a photo of this Celine Bag, I could get a sensible colour like black but I just love this bright yellow! I think it will take me a few years to save up for it though! *sigh*

What have you been lusting after lately?



  1. I love both the ice creams :) x

    1. This is what I get for watching vlogs and commenting on blogs at the same time :') I meant bikinis x

    2. HAHAHAHHA! That made me laugh!! xx

  2. love the celine bag!I could never afford a designer bag but I still like looking haha xx

    Zoe | Sweet Electric

  3. Great round up!

    Brunette in Louboutins A fashion & lifestyle blog.

  4. I have mostly been lusting after EVERY SINGLE bikni on the Topshop website! As I'm not going away this summer, I don't really have an excuse to buy anything :(

    I may have to drown my sorrows with a flower crown for my graduation ball though!

  5. isn't that always the case when you're saving or skint for that matter you seem to want everything!?! Those bikinis are AWESOME i just wish I was going somewhere where I could wear them!! x

  6. I love the headband, it's so cute but stylish.

  7. I love the look of your blog! I'm now following you - would be great to get a follow back


  8. I love the Topshop bikini - so cute. I know what you mean, I'm totally skint and yet everywhere I turn there is a beautiful handbag, nail polish or dress trying to tempt me!! Xx

  9. Ooh I am so loving the Celine bag. So classy! <3

    Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade

  10. I had the same problem with the topshop bikini when I went to buy it, didnt have my size! :(

    and that bag! beaut!

    Thanks for sending your link over via the blogger chat last night!

    If you fancy popping over to mine i'm at:

    Jennifer (@jambellz) x

  11. Love the headband, looks a lot like the one Millie Mackintosh was wearing in her style diary. Wish I could pull it off

    Thanks for sending over your link in #bbloggers chat last night - incidentally we have the same blog designer ;-)

    Ambi x

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  12. Ooh that handbag is gorgeous for summer! Absolutely love the colour :) x



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