Friday 26 July 2013

Vintage Garden Party

Last month was my Aunts birthday, she had decided she wanted some kind of picnic/garden party to celebrate so I thought I would share some photos I took as it was such a cute day, apologies for some of the pictures being quite dark, it was mainly held in their garage as it was rainy to start with! Her cake was amazing, as you can probably tell, she liked gardening! She also has three dogs, a Labrador and two Dachshunds so this cake was so perfect for her. In terms of the food and decoration this is probably the most English thing ever, we had cupcakes, millionaires shortbread, biscuits, rocky road. I try to eat relatively healthy but I had one day off..In the evening they lit the fire and we went outside and played some table tennis, this allowed my competitiveness to come out quite a lot. (my sister and I beat my cousins though, victory!) It was just generally a really lovely day spent with family and friends from our village, my family is all very close and we live near each other so we do things like this for birthdays quite a lot. The evening finished with me running up the road to my house, picking up a jumper to put on for the freezing weather and getting my college notes to revise for the exam I had two days later, I'm a party animal! 


  1. Aw how lovely, that cake is so cute!


  2. The cake looks so cute, lovely photos! x

  3. all those sweets are mouth watering. And that cake is flawless! Love it all :)


  4. Awww such gorgeous pictures, so much lovely food, yuum looks delicious, especially the doggy shaped biscuits :-)

  5. that cake looks incredible!!!! x

  6. This is the cutest birthday do ever! The dog shortbread biscuits and the cake look amazing!
    I'm a new follower by the way! Your blog is so cute. :)
    Mia x