Monday 17 February 2014


1. Topshop Swing Green Coat
This has been on my wish list for weeks and weeks, it was in stock in every other size apart from mine and it still hasn't come back into stock! I absolutely adore the colour, apparently it's more of a mint green in real life, I just really hope it comes back into stock!

2. Beck Sondergaard - The Hambledon
I was having a mooch in The Hambledon the other day, if you're ever in Winchester, definitely check it out! I get a lot of glass jars and pots which hold makeup brushes and jewellery. They also have beautiful clothing and I found this bag in there and haven't been able to get it off my mind! It comes in a few different colours but I really love the classic black!

3. Grafea Camera Bag
I've been looking for a good camera bag for a while, all the ones I found were really boring and just plain. Then I found this one from Grafea, it's so pretty and I absolutely love the colour!

4. Bare Minerals Foundation
 I first tried Bare Minerals years and years ago, recently I've been wanting to give it a go again. I don't have the best skin in the world so I think it would be better for it to use minerals rather than liquid foundation! 

5. Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade
I recently bought the Anastasia Brow Wiz and fell in love with it, so when I saw that they had come out with a new brow product, I immediately put it on my wish list! I have read some blog posts on them and they look amazing!


  1. I love the pastel coat...gorgeous colour!!!

    Layla xx

  2. I love the Bare Minerals foundation. Mine is too dark right now because it is my summer foundation. I would love to try the Anastasia pomade I have seen some reviews on youtube and it looks awesome.


  3. The Topshop coat has been on my wishlist for weeks too, so annoying how it's not in stock in a 4, 6 or 8!! Its gorgeous too :( xx

    Pillar-box Post

  4. Love the green Topshop coat!