Monday 28 July 2014

Skin Chemists Instant Facelift Guest Post By My Mum!

Here's a first, a review from my mum! She was asked if she wanted to try out the Instant Facelift from Skin Chemists as it would work better on her "mature" skin, the product claims to work instantly on skin, to increase skin elasticity, moisten and soften the skin and tighten skin. So here goes the review.

The consistency of this product is quite runny, similar to a serum or a moisturiser, this makes it easy to apply to the skin and it sinks it quite quickly. I just gently tap this onto my skin, the instructions say not to rub this into the skin too much so I made sure to not work it into the skin but apply and let it sink in. The packaging says it can be used morning and night, which is when I used it. It didn't cause any problems when I applied it underneath my makeup and the foundation applied nicely over the top. When I first apply it, the skin does go tight and feel almost dry. I mainly put it on my forehead, under my eyes and around my mouth (*georgina* my mum doesn't have bad wrinkles at all, her skin is really nice, it is just the few around the eyes really!) as this is the main areas where I need it. The packaging is quite simple which I like, I think the colour scheme of black and white looks very professional. There is a pump which I also like, it means that you never accidentally pour out too much product so it's easy to control what you're using. In terms of the "facelift" part, I would call this more of an anti-ageing cream than a "facelift." My skin does feel smoother and softer and it was a lovely product to use, however the results weren't really dramatic. This retails for £145 which is definitely more than I would spend on a product however at the moment it is reduced to £29.99 here, which is much more reasonable and a price I would pay!

Have you tried any anti-ageing products?


  1. Awwwh, tanks for your mum for taking part! This sounds like a more natural way to do anti-aging, maybe if you're just getting wrinkles x

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