Friday 18 July 2014

Wishlist: 90's Fashion

90's fashion has been making a come-back recently with jelly shoes and plaid skirts being, well..everywhere! This Sunflower dress is SO pretty, I adore the print as sunflowers are my favourite flower and it has a loose slightly smock style to it which is one of my favourite type of dresses to wear, to be honest, dresses are generally my favourite thing to wear. I love a good old Chelsea boot and I love these platform boots! I find that shoes with a platform are so much easier to walk in as your foot isn't at much of an angle so they are really easy to walk in, plus at £34.99, you can't really go wrong. I've been on the hunt for a skort for ages, I swear everyone seems to have one! I love the way these look, especially the gingham fabric and they totally remind me of the film Clueless! Finally, this Co-ord set. I've never really considered buying a top and bottoms that match and I'm not really sure why as I really love the way this looks together, I think the pattern is really feminine and pretty so it's right up my street!

What items are on your wish list at the moment?

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  1. Love the wishlist!

    Laura xx

  2. I've had my eye on that motel dress for ages! Great post x

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