Tuesday 12 August 2014

DIY Dutch Style Bike With Basket

For ages I was obsessing about the Bobbin Mint Metropole Bike but couldn't really justify spending £300 on it. Plus the fact that I live in quite a small village so I wouldn't loads of use out of it. I absolutely love these styles of bikes and think they are so adorable, plus whenever I cycle, I never have anywhere to hold my handbag! When my grandparents were moving out of their house, I found this really old bike and decided to do it up! It was really simple and only cost about £70 in total! (It would be a lot cheaper if I had kept the tyres black)

You will need
An old bike
Spray Paint
New Tyres
Any additional details you want to add

How I did it
First we* took the bike apart as much as we could, we then taped up any parts we didn't want to paint, so the handlebars, the saddle and the peddles. I bought a spray paint from Homebase, because I'm only riding the bike around where I live we bought standard spray paint but if you want a more substantial one then maybe get car paint. This is the one that I bought here, it actually worked out a lot better than I thought it would, it didn't need a huge number of coats and the colour is perfect! They had a lot of other colours to choose from so you can pick any colour you fancy, I think pink would also be really nice! This is the basket I bought, it goes with the Bobbin bikes but it works on any bike as it simply comes with straps to attach it to your bike. As I wanted the bike to look similar to the Bobbin Metropole I bought these cream tyres and just replaced the black ones with them.
Overall, I'm SO happy with how this turned out and so glad I didn't spend the £300 on the new bike when this one looks almost the same! I'm still thinking about changing the saddle slightly, maybe by covering it in fabric!

What do you think of the bike?

*I say we, my Dad did most of the taking apart and putting back together! 


  1. SUCH a good idea. I've been eyeing up the Pendleton bikes but this is so much more affordable :)

    Sophie x

  2. Wow this looks amazing, you did a fab job :)
    xxx Claire