Tuesday 4 November 2014

My University Bag

Fiorelli Lexi Backpack £55

I've never been someone who can pack light, ever. Even at school I had massive tote bags as I carry everything in my bags, I think it's because I panic that at some point I will need that useless item at some point and it will be a disaster if I don't have it. I think this Jenna Marbles video sums me up perfectly. For university I decided that I needed a new bag, I saw this backpack from Fiorelli and instantly fell in love! Because I pack so much, my bags weigh about fifty tonnes, with back packs it means that the weight isn't all on one shoulder so it's a lot more comfortable than a shoulder bag. This one holds so much even though it doesn't look very large, there is a zipper on the front which usually holds my keys, phone and pens. There's also another little zip and compartment on the back which I keep more pens in. (as I said, always prepared) Inside, there is another compartment, so there's plenty of room for the junk that I take with me. This also comes in black so you can choose which colour you prefer, I went with the tan colour as I already have quite a few black bags!


  1. Really cute backpack! I've never been a light packer either haha, who knows what you might need during the day? ;)


  2. I love Fiorelli for my uni/college bags! They've always been really reliable when I've had to carry so much stuff! xx

  3. That is such a lovely backpack! I love how it almost looks like a normal handbag until you see the straps to put it on your back :) xx

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