Monday 22 December 2014

Mello Juices

I was super excited when I was contacted by Mello and asked whether I wanted to try their Melon and Cantaloupe juices, firstly watermelon is my all time favourite flavour, I love it. I was also really impressed with all the benefits that the juices offer, the Watermelon juice is great for rehydrating as it has a high water content and is packed with antioxidants! It also aids weight loss and helps the metabolism work quicker and cleanses and detoxifies the body! These juices are perfect to have before or after a workout, they are rich in natural sugars so help boost your energy, they can prevent muscle cramps and soreness (something I ALWAYS get when I workout) and helps the removal of lactic acid in the muscles which builds up as you workout. 
The Cantaloupe juice is one that is great if you want glowing, healthy looking skin. It contains vitamin A and C so is brilliant for your immune system and will make your skin look healthier, like the Watermelon juice it is also fabulous for your metabolism and weight loss! The reason it is brilliant for your skin is because it is very high in vitamin A and something called Beta-Carotine which is found in many topical acne medicines and makes your skin look rejuvenated and very youthful! The juices are high in fibre and more filling than other juices and contain very few calories and zero fat! Score!

They retail for £2.49 (Ocado currently have them on offer for 2 for £4!) which I think is very reasonable for the 250ml bottles, especially considering how many benefits there are to drinking the juices. I really love how both of them taste, they are so refreshing and sweet. I think these are great even if you don't workout as they are tasty and sweet but still good for you! 

You can check out their website here or purchase online here. You can also purchase from Harvey Nichols, Whole Foods and Planet Organic. 


  1. These sound so yummy- I love watermelon flavours too! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. These sound amazing! Definitely need to a pick a few up and try them

    Chloe / lifestyle junkie