Wednesday 4 February 2015

15 things to do in 2015

1) Visit America
This is my top goal, I am planning on going on a Trek America trip in the summer which includes LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas. I would travel on my own which is super scary but I want to go back to LA so badly!

2) Get a bod like a victoria secret model
Maybe this is a tad ambitious? I want to work hard on achieving a healthy body and one that I am proud of! I have been working out regularly for the past couple of months so I just want to carry on with that! 

3) Take a class in something
I keep meaning to do this but with two jobs and uni, I don't have much time left! I want to take an evening class in something, perhaps yoga/Pilates or jewellery making! 

4) Be proud of my blog
I feel like last year, I neglected my blog a little because I was so so busy. I want to make sure I spend time working on it and make it as good as I possibly can! 

5) Buy a classic piece of clothing/accessories
I feel like I've just put this in as an excuse to buy another Mulberry bag or pair of Louboutins. I am having withdrawal symptoms! But I think it's nice to have a classic piece of clothing or accessories, I would much rather have one long lasting, classic piece than lots of not so long lasting items! 

6) Feel comfortable in my own body
This links with number two and I am gradually achieving this even though I haven't been working out that long. I think confidence is so important to have and feeling good in your own body in essential. 

7) Go vegetarian for one month
I think I could be vegetarian, I wouldn't miss much...maybe Wagamamas Chicken Katsu Curry!! I think I would just generally like to improve my diet, even if I didn't go vegetarian, eating better is a goal!

8) Have fun
Sometimes, I worry what other people think too much and this stops me from properly having fun. I want to just say yes to things and *attempt* to be a tad more sociable, like go out with friends more as I feel like last year I said "no" too much. 

9) Go on a girly weekend away
I would love to go on a spa weekend where no phones are allowed and we just relax! Although, I am very attached to Instagram so I'm not entirely sure how that would go! But just take a few days out to spend time with friends. 

10) Start learning french again
I would love to start being able to speak French again, I was never fluent but I was so much better than I am now! I can barely say a sentence anymore!

11) Go to a barre class
I always wanted to take ballet classes as a child, I recently found out about Barre classes and they sound great for keeping toned and improve flexibility and grace (I have none of this) so this is definitely a must! 

12) Visit Edinburgh 
Edinburgh is a city I have always wanted to visit so would love to go this year!

13) Do the colour run
I wanted to do the colour run last year but didn't get around to it, I've been working out a lot more so hopefully I manage to run without dying.

14) Learn how to make macarons
I tried to make macarons a while ago and they weren't the best thing ever, ha! I want to learn how to make proper macarons that look like they're from Ladurée..maybe that's a bit ambitious.

15) Hit 2000 followers
This speaks for itself, I would love to reach 2000 bloglovin followers!


  1. I used to be fluent in French (my dad and half-brothers live in France), but now I can barely string together a sentence, so I know how you feel! I'd also love to make more time for my hobbies - I neglect my blog and my body so badly sometimes. Barre class sounds so much fun, but my town isn't exactly up-to-date with it's fitness equipment, so... we'll see!
    I hope you achieve everything you want in 2015!
    Beth x

  2. Ooh fab list! I've been debating Trek America, it's a dream to do some travelling around America and I feel like this Summer or next will be the perfect time, I'm just not sure how well I'd cope with the strict routine/early mornings of Trek America. I'm thinking of starting pilates and also want to visit Edinburgh! Wishing you lots of luck with your goals! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  3. i'm sure you'll get to 2000 BL followers well before the years out! I'd love to do a Trek America holiday but my hubby isn't keen so I doubt i'll ever get the opportunity - i bet they're absolutely fab though!

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

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  5. I agree with so many of these things, especially the first few! You should definitely be proud of your blog already though, its really good! xx

    Want to support each other on GFC/Bloglovin?

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