Wednesday 5 August 2015


I'm currently trying to save some money, while lusting after lots of lovely items and trying not to buy them. I've known about Chupi, an Irish jewellery company for quite a while now, all their pieces are beautiful. They are simple yet so elegant and unique, as well as being quite reasonable price wise. I love the 'Drop in the Wild' ring, it is absolutely stunning and I love how a lot of their pieces are inspired by nature! Illamasqua recently released a powder contour kit, I love any kind of contour product but the main reason I have my eye on this one is because the contour shades are cool toned therefore replicating how shadows would look if you had killer cheekbones. It looks like a palette that would be easy to use and look natural on the face. Mint Velvet is a store I could spend A LOT of money in, I love the simplicity and classiness of their clothes, most of their clothes are quite simple however they are all stunning, I particularly love this sage green top, the style is super flattering and I think it would be perfect paired with jeans and a statement necklace! Onto shoes, I found these beauties while searching ASOS, they're from Vivienne Westwood so of course I was going to love them. I think they're adorable and really add something to a simple outfit!

What items have you been lusting after lately?
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  1. Your Blog design is just gorgeous, thank you SO much for tweeting me your blog! Been thinking about going for a lob for awhile and seeing your gorgeous Profile pic is edging me closer and closer..!