Wednesday 14 October 2015

Get Noticed With Solopress!

I was recently contacted by Solopress and asked if I wanted to take part in their competition, the whole idea around it is getting noticed. Whether it be promoting your blog or even getting noticed for potential job opportunities! The prize for the competition is getting your billboard design, actually designed, and then put in a city of your choice. Amazing. As part of the competition, Solopress sent me a cute "Get Noticed" pack, which included business card that I designed myself, a business card holder and pencils with my blog name on! These are such great ideas to get myself out there more and try and make more people aware of me as a blogger. Today, I feel like it's very difficult to 'get noticed' in the blogging world, everyone and their mother has a blog so it can be difficult to stand out! 

Onto my billboard design, I'm not very good at describing things, so I decided to design the basic idea! Obviously my blog is mainly beauty so I decided to include some nice images of makeup, it's very simple. Yet it may make people think, "why is that there?" Therefore making them feel intrigued which may lead them to finding out more. It also represents what my blog is all about, makeup! I find that some of the most simple billboards and adverts, are the ones that grab people's attention, making them want to find more information. I also added a quote, one that I definitely agree with and live by, yes I blog about makeup, yes I wear makeup but I use it as something to express myself, I don't believe you should hide behind it and it definitely doesn't define you. Even if someone didn't find out more, everyone likes reading nice encouraging quotes on their morning walk to work!

You can enter the Twitter version of the competition here.
What do you think of my billboard design!
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