Wednesday 2 December 2015

What's in my bag?

The majority of the time, I carry a massive bag around with me and stuff it full of things I *may* but never actually do need. When I do have to carry a smaller one, I jam it full of the 'essentials' which I thought I would share with you! The smaller bag I generally reach for is this one from Monsoon which I bought in the summer, it slightly resembles the famous Chloe Drew bag which I am obsessed with but obviously at a fraction of the cost! I always carry my Iphone with me, even though I'm absolutely rubbish at answering my phone or replying to texts. I also keep my car and house keys in my bag as I'm usually travelling around in my little Fiat! If I'm carrying a smaller bag like this, I swap my bulky Kate Spade purse for a tinier one, the mint green one I have here is from Accessorize and it's super handy as it has slots for cards, meaning you don't lose them and they are easy to just grab! 

I'm not one to carry much makeup in my bag, even when I take my bigger bags, I keep makeup to the minimum as I rarely need to top my makeup up. I always carry some kind of lip balm, at the moment I'm finding plain old Vaseline to be the best for my dry lips. It works so much better than any of the more expensive lip balms! I also carry a neutral shade of lipstick, this one is YSL Nude Beige and it's one that I carry around with me as it's so easy to throw on due to the buttery consistency and the fact the colour can be worn with pretty much any makeup look! Finally I carry a tube of my all time favourite concealer, the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, just in case I need to conceal any pesky spots throughout the day!

Which items do you carry around with you?
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