Thursday 1 December 2016

Beautiful Lashes from

Kiss Chic Lashes £5.95* and Fleek India Lashes £6.99*
I've always been a fan of false eyelashes, I have really straight lashes so I always like to add some curl to them using falsies. I was asked by False Eyelashes if I wanted to try out some of their lashes so I immediately said yes! I wanted to pick a natural pair that I could wear everyday and then a slightly more dramatic pair for days I wanted a little more definition. For the natural pair, I went with the Kiss Chic Lashes. These just add a little bit more length to my lashes, I love how natural these are, they could definitely be worn as an everyday false lash as they don't look really obvious on the eyes. For the more dramatic pair, I chose the Fleek Lashes in the India design. These are a lot more feathery but I still think they're quite natural looking so I could definitely get away with wearing these as an everyday pair as well. The India pair are my favourite, I love the more feathery look as they look super pretty and I love how they look with winged eyeliner. False Eyelashes offer free first delivery on all UK orders, who doesn't love free delivery? False Eyelashes stock over 1,000 styles of false lashes from over 25 different brands, I will definitely be purchasing some lashes from House of Lashes as I've wanted to try those for ages! They have so many affordable lashes like Eye Candy lashes from £1.99 so there's definitely lashes for everyone!

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