Monday 19 December 2016

Perfect Party Hair: Nicky Clarke SuperShine Curling Tong

I don't think there is any hairstyle more appropriate for a festive party than beautiful loose curls. I have been trialing the Nicky Clarke SuperShine Curling Tong recently and think it is perfect for the Christmas season and all the parties! A few months ago I posted my thoughts on the SuperShine Straighter which you can read here, I really loved how shiny they made my hair look so I was super excited to try the curling version! Like the straightener, this curling tong has the built in water reservoir in order to keep your hair hydrated. You simply have to fill this up with a little bit of water and it will stop your hair feeling dry and damaged over the festive period! The one thing I love about this curler is the clamp, rather than having to wrap the hair around the tong, I start at the bottom of my hair, clamp it in and then roll it towards the top of my head. I have a tendency to burn myself quite frequently when curling my hair so having the clamp and being able to roll it up my hair without having to use my hands definitely reduces injuries! Like the straightener, there are five heat settings. This means you can adjust the heat of the straightener depending on the thickness of your hair, I have pretty thick hair so I use heat setting number four! The barrel on this is 25mm which works well to create glamorous loose curls, personally I think it's the perfect size for my hair as it creates curls which can either look super glamorous or be styled in order to look more tousled. 

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