Tuesday 16 October 2018

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation

 Huda beauty products are definitely very hyped up and I was dying to try the Faux Filter Foundation for ages. I didn't know which shade I would be so I waited until I was in store to test out which one was best to get the perfect colour match to my skin. I ended up buying the shade 'Angel Food' which matched my skin really nicely, to be honest there were a few shades I definitely could have got away with using as there wasn't too much difference between them. As with most foundations I review, this claims to be full coverage and oh boy do I agree with this. This is probably one of the most full coverage foundations I've tried, it's very similar in coverage to Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Foundation which hides everything and makes your skin look perfect. A lot of full coverage foundations I try, don't feel heavy on the skin and are extremely wearable, this is definitely not. This product feels heavier than any other foundation I've tried, it is extremely thick and takes a lot of working into the skin to distribute and blend out. I only used a Beauty Blender to apply this which usually works a lot better than makeup brushes as I really don't like the way they make foundation look on my skin however even with a Beauty Blender, it was really hard to blend in. I personally think it's difficult to make this not look cakey on the skin, it's never going to be a product that looks natural or feel lightweight on the skin and people will definitely know you're wearing foundation.

I'm not a massive fan of the packaging of this product, for a foundation in this kind of price point, I would expect something more than this chunky plastic packaging. It feels quite cheap and doesn't feel like anything special compared to other high end foundations I've tried. I tried this foundation a few times before I had a really bad reaction to it. My skin broke out horrifically and I couldn't use it again, I wasn't too disappointed as it wasn't a foundation I was that in love with. It gave good coverage which I like but it did feel heavy and look quite cakey no matter how I applied it. If you're used to really heavy foundations, it's one you might want to give a go and see how you feel but if you're not one for heavy full coverage foundations or have sensitive skin then I would probably give it a miss and go for something like Estee Lauder Maximum Cover or Kat Von D Lock It foundation. 

Have you tried this foundation before, if you have, let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you did want to give it a go, you can buy it here.

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