Thursday 27 December 2018

Favourite Products of 2018

There have been so many products I've been loving this year, it's safe to say I've definitely spent way too much money at Feel Unique and Cult beauty over the past 12 months. Towards the start of the year, I was still absolutely obsessed with the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I've raved about this for years and it's always been a staple in my makeup collection. This gives such good coverage so it's always been on hand throughout my years of terrible skin to hide blemishes and intense redness from breakouts. Towards the end of the year, I decided to try out a new concealer and made an impulse purchase of the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer. I've written a full post about this product which you can read here but in short, it's the most moisturising concealer I've tried. It applies so easily to the skin and I also feel like it adds a really lovely healthy glow so it makes my under eyes look bright and radiant, even with very little sleep. When I purchased this concealer, I also decided to try out the Light Wand Highlighter which is 100%, hands down, my favourite product of 2018. I cannot describe how much I love this product, it is a beautiful liquid highlighter that can be incredibly natural or it can create a much more dramatic glow. I have tried liquid highlighters before that can cause foundation to break down and require a fair amount of blending, this product is so easy to apply and blends in seamlessly with my base, even over powder. Another highlighter I've discovered this year is the Becca Opal Pressed Highlighter, I've tried this product before but in the shade 'Pearl' which is a firm favourite too. This is a more golden shade which is more warm than the 'Pearl' shade. Even with a tiny bit of product on the brush, it gives the most unbelievable glow. The Charlotte Tilbury product is more natural than the Becca one so if you like a more subtle glow, I'd recommend that but if you really like your cheekbones to shine then definitely try the Becca one! 

I've spoken constantly about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and you're probably bored of hearing about it but it's one of my favourite brow products because it's so easy to use and you can make it look extremely natural or create a much more dramatic brow. The only downside to this product is that I find I finish it very very quickly and I am constantly repurchasing it! My lip favourite is the Hourglass Liquid Lipstick in Raven, this is a really vibrant orangey red shade. I really like the finish of this as it's not too drying but it does set matte and last a really long time on the lips. I definitely want to try more shades of this but I am in love with this shade for a dramatic but wearable lip. I think I mentioned the Stila Liquid Glitter in my favourites post last year but I've been obsessed with it again this year. As it's liquid, you don't get any fallout and the glitter doesn't stray and end up all over your face. Once you apply it, it's there to stay and it is incredibly pigmented! I currently have the shades Kitten Karma and Diamond Dust but I will definitely be purchasing more! This is a product you absolutely must try and I recommend it to absolutely everyone!

Which product have you loved this year?

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