Wednesday, 26 June 2013

June Favourites

It's favourites time once again so I thought I would show you a few products I've been loving! As I got a new dressing table and painted my room (room tour coming soon!) I am still getting used to the changes and am still working out a few different places to take photos! Although it is a lot easier with white backgrounds so I am liking this set up a lot more! Recently I've had some trouble sleeping, I think because I had exams all through this month I was worrying about them! So I've had some dark under eye circles going on, over the top of my under eye concealer I've been loving applying the YSL Touche Eclat to just brighten the area more, so I look more awake! This is definitely a staple product I think everyone should have, even though it's a little pricey I have had it for ages and it has lasted for so long! I have also started using my Bare Essentials Warmth, I used to use this ages ago when I used the Bare Minerals foundation but it had found its way to the back of my collection. I have been using this on my cheeks just to add a bit of colour and warmth and I've really been loving it! An eye combination I've been doing lately is applying the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze all over the lid and then applying the Look Beauty Luxe eyeshadow over the top! This sounds odd, putting a lighter shade over a dark shade but it looks really pretty. Finally I've been loving my Illamasqua Speckle Nail Polish, review here. This is one of my favourite polishes, the consistency is great and you only need two coats to get a really great finish! 


Friday, 21 June 2013

Five Favourite Face Brushes

The other day I realised that I don't really talk about makeup brushes too much! So I thought I would share with you guys my favourite brushes for my face! As you can see, the majority are Real Techniques brushes, you really cannot go wrong with these. I have almost every single brush they do and have no been disappointed by one! They are so reasonably priced, rival my Mac brushes, don't shed, wash really well and do not shed! The one I use for my foundation is the Expert Face Brush, I've said before that I put off buying this for ages. I had the Buffing Brush and loved it so thought this one would be too similar, however one day while at work and feeling down, I decided I needed a pick-me-up so on my lunch break off I hopped to Superdrug and bought it! It's much more dense than the Buffing Brush which I personally prefer as I find it easier to blend my foundation in. For contouring I use the Contouring Brush, I find that it is a great size, I've used brushes before that are just waaay too big but this one is perfect! For blusher I like using the Blush Brush, I also really like the Stippling Brush for blusher! They both work really well but I think the Blush Brush allows me to blend out the product more! For powder I use the Powder Brush, it just makes it so quick and easy to apply my powder as it's huge! Finally I love using the Mac 130 Brush to apply highlighter, it's quite a small brush which makes it perfect for applying highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones!

What are your favourite face brushes?


Monday, 17 June 2013

Everyday Makeup #3

These posts are one of my favourites to do, I love talking about the products I use on a daily basis! Recently I have been back to using my Nars Sheerglow Foundation, I've mentioned before that my skin was quite bad so I was using my Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation, however I'm on new antibiotics for my skin so it's got a lot better and I am happy to use a little less coverage now. I have talked about this foundation here and here so if you want more information, check out those links! As always I use the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, although I have been thinking about purchasing a new concealer just to try some new ones, so let me know your favourites! I use that concealer under my eyes and on blemishes, it works great for both! As I have been really struggling with sleeping at the moment, I've been using the YSL Touche Eclat over the top of the concealer just to brighten my under eye area! The powder I use is the Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural, review here. I have really been trying out some different cheek and highlighting products lately, I am back to using my Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle, review here. This is probably my favourite highlighter! I have been switching between Mac Gingerly Blush which I bought on the lovely Hannah's blog sale and Bare Minerals Warmth. As I have been doing a more brown smokey eye lately I find that these work better than a bright pink or peach! They are both really pretty and add warmth to the skin! To keep my eyeshadow in place I use the Urban Decay Primer Potion and then use the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I've talked way too much about the Naked Palette and you're all probably bored of me going on about it, but I use it everyday and it's great! I've been using "Buck" all over the lid with "Smog" and "Darkhorse" in the outer corner, then I use "Half Baked" in the inner corner and on the first part of the lid which really makes a difference to the look! I then use a tiny bit of "Creep" as a liner and "Hustle" on my lower lash line. I then use some Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Mascara!

What products do you use on a daily basis?


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Crown and Glory Not a Lotta Lilac

When I saw that Crown and Glory had 25% off everything I had to make a purchase, I have been lusting after their headbands for ages and it took me a while to decide which one I wanted. I still have quite a few of their items on my wishlist! This is the smallest of their flower headbands and I'm glad I purchased this headband over the larger ones as I think this one is more subtle so I can ease myself in before buying the bigger ones as they are quite the statement piece! I was in between the lilac and the pale pink one but decided to go with the purple which I'm also glad I chose! I absolutely love this headband it's just so adorable, I have been compared to a bridesmaid a few times! I have been loving wearing it as it really makes my hair look a whole lot more interesting than normal!


Monday, 10 June 2013

Four Favourite Foundations

Foundations are my most purchased makeup item, I just cannot get enough. I think it's because I've never had the best skin so looking for the "perfect" foundation has always been an aim for me. I thought I would give you all a run through of my favourite four foundations, when I use them and who I would recommend them for. Firstly I'm going to start with the Mac Studio Sculpt foundation, my shade in Mac foundations is NC20. I'm not entirely sure how I would describe the consistency of this foundation, it's a gel but also a mousse but more of a gel, did you get that? I never make a lot of sense, but it is a formulation I've never tried before. I would say the coverage of this foundation is medium to full but more on the full side. I love foundations with more coverage so this is perfect for me, I like to use it with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush, when I first started using this foundation I used the Buffing Brush however as the EFB is denser and the foundation is thicker than most I found the EFB worked better for blending it in. As my skin has not been behaving lately this foundation has been perfect as it gives a flawless, perfect base if you are looking for a foundation with more coverage.

Staying with Mac, I absolutely love the Face and Body Foundation. I bought this last year before my holiday, it was perfect as if you apply a small amount the coverage is light and feels like you hardly have anything on. The great thing about this foundation is that the you can add and add and add foundation to build coverage without it looking cakey and the more you work the foundation into the skin, the more coverage you can get. I find that with some foundations if you get one shade lighter or darker you cannot wear the foundation however with face and body it doesn't matter too much is you pick a shade too light or dark! I bought this online and guessed the shade, luckily it was right but it wouldn't matter too much either way!

The next foundation I love is the Nars Sheerglow Foundation, I am in the shade "Mont Blanc" in case you were wondering! I would say this foundation is medium coverage which is usually just about right for me if my skin is behaving! I have only tried two products from Nars (recommend some more in the comments as I would love to invest in some more!) but I have loved them both, this foundation just gives the nicest finish, it doesn't cling to the dry patches on my face and doesn't accentuate any parts that get oily throughout the day, (darn you combination skin!) although this foundation is a teeny bit pricey I do think that it is worth it!

Finally is a nice cheaper alternative, the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. The coverage of this is similar to the Nars Sheerglow so is one I reach for quite a lot. I think I got one shade too dark but it's not too much of an issue, I just remember to blend down my neck! I think this is one of the best drugstore foundations I have tried (and I've tried a fair few!) it has great coverage, great price, great finish! As with quite a few drugstore foundations, the shade range is not the best and it doesn't cater for pale skins or dark skintones which is a shame as it is a really great foundation!

I always love trying new foundations, which would you recommend?


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Yuko Repair Through

Although I don't dye my hair it still gets damaged every day from my straighteners, curlers and the blow dryer, I often forget to use a heat protection spray so it sometimes can feel very dry and damaged from all the heat! I was excited to try this product as my hair has really been needing some tlc at the moment as due to exam stress it is not at its healthiest! I have been spraying this all over my hair once I've got out of the shower and towel dried my hair, I like that that this doesn't have a strong scent as I'm not a huge fan of having lots of different scents in my hair at once! This product is great for de-tangling hair, I rarely brush my hair (terrible I know!) and my hair can get really knotted together however I have noticed since using this that my hair is so much easier to manage and a lot less tangly when I try to style it! I also noticed how ridiculously soft my hair has been to touch, it feels so much healthier and nourished as well as so much shinier! I have been using this product for a couple of months and it has lasted well, I wash my hair everyday so have been using this product after every hair wash and it I still have quite a lot of product left! This retails for $24 which once you convert it to pounds is just over £15, this is may be a tad pricey for some but I don't think it is totally extortionate and definitely think it is worth investing in if your hair needs some tlc! 


Monday, 3 June 2013

Kate Spade

Kate Spade Bag
Kate Spade Phone case*

If I could recommend anywhere to shop in the UK it would be Bicester Village, it's an outlet village so everything is discounted. I noticed that they had a Kate Spade store, I had seen a few people talk about Kate Spade on youtube, blogs and on tumblr but had never properly looked into what they sell. I went into the store and fell in love with about a million bags, purses, jewellery and accessories. I noticed this bright fuschia bag and instantly fell in love with it, I recently got my Mulberry Bayswater which is a practical bag and goes with any outfit so this bag is perfect when I want a pop of colour. There is so much space inside this bag, there is the main compartment then two smaller compartments on each side of the bag so I can carry everything in it. My mum even said she preferred this to my Mulberry! Now onto the price, I looked at the tag and saw £330, my heart sank as I am trying not to spend too much money at the moment (although I have failed at this quite a lot last month) but then below it said "50% off now £165" I did a little jump, then I noticed "extra 20% off." So in the end I got this bag for £132! I knew I had to have it and I hopped on over to the till and purchased! I am so happy I got this bag, I absolutely love it! 

I had seen quite a few photos on Tumblr of the Kate Spade phone cases and whenever I go into phone stores I see them hanging up looking all pretty so I am so happy to now own one for my iPhone 4S! It was great timing as my old Topshop case was getting a bit battered and old! I am absolutely loving this case, it's so pretty and feels like it is going to last a lot longer than all my other cases as it is very sturdy. There is a rubber bumper to put on before the actual case which makes it feel a lot more secure as it is tight and in place. I would totally recommend you purchase something (or everything in my case as I now have a wishlist as long as my arm) from Kate Spade, I am already planning my next visit to the store in Bicester Village. Their bags are right up my street as they have some really bright and bold colours, however they also have some lovely bags and accessories in plain colours like cream and black so there really is something for everyone!

Do you own anything from Kate Spade?



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