Thursday, 22 September 2016

Skincare Routine

I've recently finally got my skin under control, after having acne and dry skin for years. I've found a group of product which work brilliantly to keep my skin looking and feeling great! To remove my makeup I use the L'oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water, this works perfectly to break down my makeup and I much prefer it to using makeup wipes as it's much more gentle on my skin. Next I cleanse my skin with the Eve Lom Cleanser, this is a cleansing balm which makes my skin feel SO clean and soft after I use it. I warm the product up between my fingers and then apply to my face before rinsing off using a muslin cloth. Once I've cleansed, I use a cotton pad and apply the Pixi Glow Tonic all over my face. This works incredibly at fading acne scarring and redness, making skin look glowing! Every week or so, I like to apply a mask to my face. After I fell in love with the Eve Lom Cleanser, I decided to purchase the Rescue Mask too. It makes my skin look so much healthier and I always love applying it! Unlike other masks, it doesn't make my skin feel super tight or uncomfortable and it's really gentle on my sensitive skin. At night I like to apply E45 Cream all over my skin, this is to nourish it and I always wake up with my skin feeling healthy and moisturised. Before applying my makeup I love using the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream*, this is a light moisturiser however it makes my skin feel nourished and combats my super dry skin. It also makes my skin feel unbelievably soft after applying it and creates a great base before applying my makeup.

Which products are your skincare saviours? 
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Friday, 16 September 2016

Nicky Clarke Supershine Straightener

I've been intrigued by hair straighteners with steam technology and have wanted to try them for ages! I was super excited to be offered to try the Nicky Clarke Supershine hair straighteners, they aim to transform dull and dehydrated hair, making it softer and glossier. The straightener has an inbuilt water reservoir which you fill up every couple of days and this is what creates the steam. The straightener aims to nourish hair which is definitely does, I noticed my hair feeling less frizzy and a lot smoother after using them. It took a little longer than my usual straighteners but created a style that looked a hundred times better and stayed straight all day. I love that you can adjust the heat setting between 130-235 degrees as it contains five different settings, I tend to use number 4 as my hair is pretty thick but if you have thin hair, a lower heat will work too. I have a huge fear of leaving my hair straighteners on when I leave the house but these automatically shut off after an hour, bonus! This straighteners are fab is you want silkier, healthier, softer and shinier hair, the steam technology really locks in moisture while also eliminating frizz! And even better, they are currently just £42 on Argos, reduced from £74.99!

Have you tried straighteners with steam technology?
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