Monday 26 November 2012

What to buy her for Christmas?

I often find it difficult to think of things to buy my friends/Mum/sister for Christmas! I thought I would give you guys some ideas for things you could buy! If you would like a "What to buy him for Christmas?" post I can do that too, just leave a comment if it is something you would like!
Make up
I think makeup is a really simple present to buy someone for Christmas! (unless of course they don't like makeup!) Pretty much every brand brings out a Christmas box set or palette so there are lots of brands to choose from! Urban Decay have a whole range of different palettes to suit so many different people! If it were me, I would love to find the Naked palette under my tree!

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch
I don't think I have met a girl who doesn't want this watch! I have the smaller version and absolutely love it! I am currently in the process of saving up for the bigger one! This watch is a really classy and sophisticated watch that goes with any outfit! I constantly get compliments on mine as the rose gold colour is just beautiful!

Body Products
Every year for Christmas I get some kind of body butter/shower gel/moisturizer! They are a really great yet simple present that will come in handy for any girl! I personally love Soap and Glory products, the names of their products are well thought out, they all smell amazing and the actual products are equally as amazing!

Gift Cards
You cannot go wrong with buying a simple gift card! If you are really struggling with ideas or the person you are buying presents for is just plain fussy, then picking a gift card allows them to choose exactly what they want! 

I adore this purse from Topshop! As purses are always in your handbag they often get worn out and tatty! I find purses really great to give as gifts as there are some really pretty ones out there! 

Ipad Mini
Who doesn't want the Ipad mini? If you have a bigger budget why not get one of these? A great gadget for on the move where you can watch movies, tv shows, blog and tweet! 

As well as makeup, perfume is the perfect gift. I often find out my friends/Mum's/Sisters favourite perfume and buy it for them! My Mum has one perfume she always gets people to buy her as she goes through it quickly! Finding out their favourite perfume is also good if you are unsure of what someone likes, perfume is a very personal thing so what one person loves, another may hate! Marc Jacobs always brings out Christmas gift boxes which make absolutely great presents!  


  1. i love your blog!!!!!

  2. I'd be very very happy with a Michael Kors watch for christmas.

  3. Sorry to ask but what model is your watch I might get one for christmas!

    1. This is the one I have

      And this is the one in the photo in the blog post!


  4. Hi Georgina, you have got quite a lovely blog out there. I am loving almost all of your posts. Actually I would like to request you to write a post for 'Him' too.. as I will be going back to my place after such a long time and I want to gift something really good to my Father. :)

  5. That MK watch has been on a wish list of mine since forever its simply stunning. I also have been eyeing up the iPad mini but the fact it has been sold out everywhere near me has definitely been a blessing to my bank balance!

    beckys makeup

  6. I wish someone would buy me a Michael Kors watch! :( xo

  7. I'm desperate for a MK watch too! They are so beautiful and I love rose gold. Thanks for sending me your link on twitter, cannot believe I havent found you before, you have a lovely blog! new follower :) xxx