Friday 23 November 2012

What's On My Christmas List?

I think everyone and their dog has Muji storage, I love the fact they are clear as they go with every interior design and it's easy to see which products are where! Being insanely OCD I love organising my makeup, so this would be perfect gift for me! I feel like my makeup would be easier to get to as I wouldn't have to go through all the draws on my dresser!

I posted my review of the Soft and Gentle MSF the other day which you can read here. I now want them all! I think Lightscapade looks absolutely beautiful and I would really love it!

My friend has been telling me about this for ages! There is a more expensive one that measures your sleep as well and tells you the best time that you should sleep! Although, this one is quite a bit cheaper and you can still measure the calories you have burnt throughout the day! 

I already have a pair of Leigh jeans and they are my favourites! However I got them a while ago and have since gone down a clothing size so they are a tad on the roomy side! I think Topshop do the best jeans and would recommend them to absolutely anyone!

I have been having a lot of trouble with my skin lately and have heard amazing things about this spot solution, Origins have such a great reputation and I cannot wait to try this!

I always ask for perfume for Christmas and my birthday! I put this on my wishlist in July and cannot wait until I can finally try it! 

Since I read Kayleigh's blog post  about Sketch and Cranberry eyeshadow I have wanted to try the combo! I have had Cranberry for a while and absolutely love it so would love to try it with some other shades!

I think bows are my favourite thing to wear it my hair! I think these are great value for money as I have seen these be sold for a lot more! There is a great colour range to choose from!

What is on your Christmas list?


  1. I want number 1 too!! xx

  2. Mac Lightscapade is gorgeous! Think that's going on my wishlist now :)

  3. I asked for perfume too, Dor by Marc Jacobs is what I'm hoping for :)


  4. I have mac lightscapade and it is absolutely gorgeous! Was looking on the 'goodbye' section on the uk mac site though and lightscapade was on it, so be quick ;) think some organisation things are going on my list too now!
    rachel x

  5. Stella is my go to everyday scent!

  6. Ah the Muji storage is gorgeous though I got a clear drawer set from Staples recently so if you have one near you then stop by. Not quite as chic but a lot cheaper...


  7. I treated myself to L.I.L.Y by Stella McCartney a few weeks ago, love her perfumes and I love how she has a personal story behind them all :) xx

  8. MAC's Sketch looks like such a gorgeous eyeshadow, perfect for this time of the year xx

  9. MAC Sketch is my favorite eyeshadow of all time, it's gorgeous on green eyes!

  10. I love the Muji storage boxes! I've had my eye on them for a while now I'm just debating if I'd have room haha. Topshop Leigh jeans are my fave too, they're so comfy!

    Really love your blog too :)) followed!

    Terri xo -