Monday 17 December 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Lita's!

I have wanted a pair of Jeffrey Campbells for so long. Everytime I watch a video by Jess (sunbeamsjess) on Youtube of her with a new pair of them I am so jealous! The other day I just randomly went on the Office website and happened to see that the Taupe suede Lita's were half price down to £60! I was in shock! The lita's are the most popular and I never thought they would reduce them that much! I am not an impulse buyer but I immediately bought them right there and then! These were the exact colour, fabric and style I liked best and had wanted for so long! I usually HATE paying postage but just needed to shoes so didn't mind paying £3.50 to get them here!

The delivery was amazing! I ordered on Sunday afternoon, obviously they wouldn't be processed until the Monday. I got an email saying that the deliveries were taking up to seven days, I was expecting them to take seven days but I was surprised to find that early Wednesday morning they had arrived! I have always loved the Jeffrey Campball boxes, I was expecting the one with the girl and the cat but this box is SO cute! 

They were wrapped up safely in tissue paper and plastic (I took this photo once I had opened and tried them on so they were wrapped a lot more when they arrived!) and so they were still in perfect condition! I fell in love with them instantly! Obviously because they are suede they are not quite as practical as the leather ones but I actually prefer the suede! Also as they are a neutral colour they are really wearable and go with almost any outfit!  

On every review/video/blogpost I saw that everyone was saying how comfortable they are, I thought "how can they be so comfortable if the heel is SO tall?" Because of the huge platform on the front, your foot is hardly at an angle! It's just like wearing shoes with a really small heel, the only difference is that you are a lot taller! They are so comfy and the sizing is perfect, they don't come up too big or too small. I know with some shoes you have to sometimes go a size smaller or bigger but with these they fit perfectly. 

I would 100% recommend Office, they kept sending me emails to update me on my package and let me track my order which I like to do. The delivery was super quick despite the fact they said it could take up to a week. I am already planning which Jeffrey Campbell's to buy next as they really are as great as everyone says! It depends which shoes will be on sale but I really like the look of the Lana's as my next pair!

Do you own any Jeffrey Campbell's or do you have any that you are particularly lusting after?


  1. Omg these are sooo nice! I've always liked the look of Jeffrey Campbells but a lot of the designs I've seen aren't that wearable. Your pair look so versatile I really want some now! x

    1. I know what you mean! Lots of them are quite bold! You should totally go for it! xx

  2. Ah love them! I need Litas in my life x

  3. They're so pretty! I don't know any Litas, I can't walk in high heels! x
    Sirens and Bells

  4. wow i am so jealous! they look amazing :)

  5. These are so nice, such a steal! Xx

  6. I cant wait till I own my !