Monday, 8 April 2013

What I got for my birthday!

Hello! Last Thursday was my birthday, I had an awesome day and I thought I would show you what I received! As a disclaimer, I am in no way showing off or bragging about what I got. I was incredibly lucky, as it was my 18th birthday my family spent more on me then usual as they wanted to buy me things that I would keep forever.

I received these three pandora rings from members of my family, I picked out a few of these as I would wear them stacked on top of each other and I thought it would be a nice idea to have one from each person. I love these rings, especially the heart one as its so cute! I was so shocked as my grandparents bought me a Michael Kors watch, I have the smaller rose gold watch and had wanted another for a while but was actually saving up to buy one myself! I have worn this everyday since I got it and love it so much!

My mum and dad bought me this frame, I have had this photo of Phoebe and I for ages and had been meaning to buy a frame for it! It is now by my bed, its so strange to see how much she has grown and changed in just a few months!
On my birthday my parents bought me a few bits to open but hadn't got me my present, as we were going into London they said I might see something I liked when we were there. We went to the Mulberry shop and I got a Bayswater! I picked up a few different ones, one was £4000, don't think I will be having that one anytime soon ;) but decided on this one as it is a classic! I had a really lovely birthday, the day before I went to a spa with my aunt, my sister and my mum. It was amazing! On my birthday I went to central London with my parents and just had a little shop! We also went out to dinner in the evening, then the day after we had my family over for a little partay! Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday on here, twitter and instagram!



  1. Happy birthday!!
    That pandora ring with the green stone is so pretty!
    I hope you had a lovely day xx

  2. Awww happy birthday! I love the pandora rings they're so pretty and I'm extremely jealous of your mulberry it looks amazing! Xxx

  3. Oh my god how lucky are you! The Mulberry is beautiful and I love the watch, you have great taste xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  4. Happy birthday! You got some gorgeous gifts, you lucky girl!
    I love the Mulberry and the Pandora rings are lovely too!

    Jesss xo

  5. Gorgeous presents :) that's the Mulberry I got for Christmas, it's such a classic style and colour xxx

  6. Happy belated birthday! Mulberrys are so beautiful -drools- x

  7. Such amazing presents :) Hope you had a wonderful day! xx

  8. Such lovely presents! I hope you had a lovely day :) love your watch!

  9. Happy birthday! You got some amazing presents!

  10. Happy Birthday! You got amazing gifts :) xx

  11. You got some amazing presents :) hope you had a great day!
    Love the handbag!

  12. I am so jealous of your bag, it's a gorgeous classic:-) Rachel xxx

  13. Happy birthday you lucky girl, I hope to own a Mulberry, one day :)

  14. Such beautiful presents! Veeeery jealous of your gorgeous Bayswater. Seems like you had an amazing day :-)

  15. Your presents are absolutely gorgeous!



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