Monday 15 July 2013

Guest Post: Summer Favourites!

My name's Lauren and I blog over at Becoming Beauty and today i'm taking over Georgina's blog while she's sunning herself on holiday (lucky for some, hey?!)

So to get us in the mood for some sunshine (if that ever happens...) I've decided to share with you some of my favourite products for summer. I'm the sort of person who changes my products with the weather so my routine gets a lot simpler in the warmer months.

I definitely start taking more care of my body in the summer months, making sure I moisturise and exfoliate regularly. My moisturisers of choice are definitely the Body Shop Body Butters. Who doesn't love these? I have the mango scented one which smells in-credible and the shea butter one which leaves your skin feeling gorgeous. The mini sizes are also fab for taking on holiday. I also introduce Balance Me's Super Toning Body Oil as unfortunately I have quite bad skin around the tops of my thighs and hips so massaging this in really helps make the skin look more even. It is also really moisturising so I often rub this down my legs and into my knees too. For my hair, I'm really enjoying using Bumble and Bumble's Quenching mask. The sun and pool/sea water really dry out my coloured locks so this is perfect for injecting some much needed life into it. The smell is lovely and it leaves my hair feeling super sleek.

For my face, I try to keep it to a bare minimum. By the pool, I won't wear anything on my face but if i'm wandering around I like to use a light base, and my current favourite is Jouer's Matte Moisture Tint. Let's just  say i'm in love with this product. Good coverage but light-feeling on the skin, easy to blend and with a few skincare benefits? How can you say no? On my lips, it has to be the Revlon Lip Butters. The newest shade, Wild Watermelon is my favourite as it is vibrant and shiny and pretty much foolproof but I also like Lollipop and Tutti Frutti. Throughout the day, I spritz myself with Balance Me's Hydrating Face Mist which evens out my skintone and provides a hit of hydration.

Finally, I've been reaching for The Body Shop's White Musk Sun Glow perfume. As I top up so regularly, I prefer to use purse friendly options and this one is perfect as it's so summery without being floral. Plus, how pretty is the packaging?

So that was my pick of summer beauty! I'd love to hear your favourites so please let me know, and i'd love it if you came and said hello on my blog!


  1. The smell of the Mango Body Butter, oh my! Love Lauren's blog x

  2. I love the bodyshop body butters they're so yummy! Great guest post, following your blog now.

    Katie xo

  3. I love the body shop body butters! they smell far too nice! I haven't tried the mango one yet though, definitely next on my wishlist.

  4. I'm obsessed with the mango body butter, it's so moisturising. I've been lusting after the matt moisture tint for months but I've just bought the Dior B&B I really need both? Probably haha :)

  5. I love the body shop butters, my favourite has to be the coconut. The range is really great for layering the scent. Revlon lip butters are amazing, i love personally love candy apple but find they melt very easy in this summer heat which is a shame.
    Sam X

  6. ohh that bumble and bumble mask sounds right up my street! ive been using the redken anti snap treatment and more recently one of the joico kpak masks and theyre working wonders on my ever so dry hair! my favourite bodyshop body butter is definitely the satsuma one, it smells heavenly but it does attract the wasps!

    Victoria | Victoria's Vanity Case

  7. Great blog post please check out my blog and if you like please follow I'm your new follower!

  8. The Revlon Lip butters are amazing! I love all of them.


  9. I have the mango body butter!! it's amazing.
    I also love lip butters