Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review

Oh yes, another Naked Palette 3 review. I apologise, it's just too beautiful not to share. I bought the first one last January, I was very late to the party! I instantly fell in love with it and was so excited when they announced the release of a third, it's very different to the first and second, it is more cool toned and the shades are more pink in comparison to the previous two. I think a lot of people thought that they couldn't really do another Naked Palette, how many neutral shade variations can you make? However I think this one is definitely worth it, even if you have the previous two. The packaging is more like the second one than the first, it's metal which, to me, makes it feel more sturdy. It's a rose gold colour which I think is perfect as it really reflects the shades you get inside the palette. I personally didn't find the shades too pink at all and this is coming from someone who cannot go near pink shadows without looking like I've had some sort of allergic reaction, they aren't overly pink at all. I have blue eyes and I have to say that this palette really makes my eyes "pop" (oh god, I hate that term) and stand out, it really is stunning and I have used it every single day since I got it. My personal favourite look is to have Buzz all over the lid, Trick in the inner part of the eye and either Liar or Nooner in the crease. I find these shadows have less fallout compared to the original palette, with the exception of Dust which is fallout crazy but I'll let it off because it's a beautiful shade. I also find that they last longer and don't crease quite as much as the shadows in my Naked 1 Palette. I've been in love with the Naked 1 palette for a year but it has been replaced, all the shades in the palette leave me "ooo-ing" and "aaah-ing" as they are such pretty and flattering colours, they compliment my skin tone and eye colour more than the original palette does. 

With the palette you also get a double ended brush, while I usually hate brushes that come with palettes, I find that the ones that come with Urban Decay products are actually very decent! On one end is a "laying down" type brush, which I use to apply shadow all over my lid and on the other end is more of a blending brush. You also get four different Primer Potions, each sachet will probably last you a week or so, I love the Primer Potion so it's nice to get that too! Now, onto the's £37 which is obviously a lot of money to pay for one product, however you get 12 shadows which works out at £3 per shadow, which I personally think is really good! I had £15 worth of Debenhams beauty points stored up so I used those and ended up paying £22, making it slightly easier to handle. However I do think you get a really great product for your money, I have used my Naked 1 palette for a year and haven't hit pan on any of the shadows so the shadows really do last ages! 



  1. This palette is everywhere, it looks amazing, the colours are incredible! Naked3 stop trying to get me to buy you! ;)


  2. The colors are lovely! I would be happy with them coming out with more palettes like this.


  3. This palette looks lovely but I brought both the original and Naked 2 palettes and didn't like either so I'm a bit nervous about picking it up. Great swatches and post! If you're ever in the market for an eyeshadow palette, try Lorac! x

  4. This palette is stunning!
    I have the Naked 2 and I love it but I think the third one is a necessity from now on :D


  5. The packaging is gorgeous! I've seen so many reviews on this palette and after seeing your swatches I'm really tempted to purchase it as the shadows look really pigmented X

  6. I want this so badly, the shades are just stunning.

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  8. awh i really want this - after seeing your swatches, i decided that i NEED it ahah x

  9. The palette is so gorgeous but the shades are too pink for my skintone, I think. I'll stick with the Naked 2 palette as my next purchase for now.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  10. Evey time I see this palette I can feel myself getting weaker, I'm sure Ill be adding it to my collection sooner rather than later :)



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